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ART: (WHOLESALE 180 pcs) Yim Wing Chun Collectible Figure
Yim Wing Chun Collectible Figure

The arms can be slightly adjusted for height.
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List Price: $27,000.00
Our Price: $1,949.00
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Yim Wing Chun Collectible Figure Wholesale Lot
We are selling off all the stock of this item as 1 wholesale lot. This includes approx 187 figures at the moment. Contact us for details. You can quadruple your money or more selling these online or just on ebay. These used to retail at $179. They sold for a long time on ebay for $70+, and you can sell them steadily at $29.99 and $49.99 on ebay. You can make your money back on these REALLY fast since we are essentially giving them away for free.

We are selling them off as a wholesale lot because don't feel this figure represents our brand. It is not something we want to promote - and we don't want to simply trash them. We made a mistake when we agreed to sell them, not fully realizing what the figures were like. The figure is in typical style for figurine collectors, however. It seems as if it was made with teenage boys in mind; and probably not appropriate as a gift to your Sifu or etc. We don't really like/approve of that for the founder of this wonderful martial art and won't be marketing them.

Note: The figure normally comes with a replaceable topless torso, but we removed topless torsos from 147 cases version of the figure as we did not want to sell that to our customers. We have 40 of the unopened version which you can charge even more for. You will get both as well as the removed torsos. You can do with them as you wish.

Shipping on these is going to be $350 via freight within the US. We will charge $350 and pay anything over that for you. You can arrange your own shipping if you want or you can opt to house them at a warehouse and have the warehouse do all the shipping and storage for you (we can get you in touch with the people for that - the $350 saved will go a long way here).

Please email us with any questions and we'll help out.

Original product description below:

This is a brand new rare and original collectible figure of the legendary Yim Wing Chun, founder of the Wing Chun kung fu system.

Wing Chun was the first martial art system learned by the late famous Bruce Lee and was taught to him by the late Great Grandmaster (Y)Ip Man.

The Price:

This figure was originally made for collectors and was to be sold at $179. When it all added up, the actual cost to make each figure was over $100!

The Figure:

- YIM WING CHUN: Founder of the very popular Wing Chun Kung Fu System
- First in the series of the "Maidens of the Martial Arts, Famous Female Martial Artists from History."
- Limited Edition of 400 pieces.
- Material: Thermo-resin/PVC plastic, individually hand painted
- Scale: 1/8th
- Sculptor: Charles Rivera - well known in Hollywood
- Designed in the USA and manufactured in China

About the pose:

The figure is shown in a classical Wing Chun stance, the right arm is in the "Bong-Sau" position (Wing arm block). The left hand is in the "Pak-sau/Wu-sau" (rear guard position). The stance is similar to the western fencing or boxing stance, enabling the fighter to advance and retreat quickly and easily. Her outfit is the "standard garb of the peasant or rice farmer of that time period" (With the belt off for esthetic effect).

* You can adjust the height of the Bong Sau to a slight degree.

She'll look right at home on your bookshelf or perched on your computer.

History of Yim Wing Chun

Yim Wing Chun (Beautiful Springtime) (1662-1722)

During the Ching Dynasty, the emperor, Kan Shi felt that the Shaolin Temple could resist the rule of the government, and he ordered its destruction. Ng Mui, the head nun at an affiliate temple, was one of the few who escaped the massacre. She retreated to the White Crane temple on Tai Leung Mountain (also known as Chai Har). Her martial arts skills and knowledge were legendary.

Yim Wing Chun was a native of Canton (Kwangtung Province) in China. She married Leung Bok Chau, a salt merchant from Fukein. They eventually settled at the foot of Tai Leung Mountain, near the border between the Yunan and Szechuan provinces. Wing Chun met Ng Mui there, and studied with her for many years. Under Ng Mui, Wing Chun developed a style that was extremely efficient and ideally suited to smaller fighters possessing less physical strength. During this time, Wing Chun allegedly defeated a notorious gangster named Wong in a fierce, unarmed combat match.

Yim Wing Chun went on to teach her skills to her husband Leung Bok Chau. Bok Chau then trained Wong Wah Bo, a prized performer from the Red Junk Opera Company. Wong Wah Bo taught Leung Yee Tai, who then moved to Fat Shan in southern China. There, one of Leung Tai's students was Leung Jan, a famous herbal doctor. Leung Jan would later teach his skills to Chan Wah Shan. Wah Shan's student, Ip (Yip) Man went on to become a notable Wing Chun fighter, and the instructor of the late famous Bruce Lee.