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Born in 1965 in the town of Fa Yun in Kwanchou, Master Jun Yi Qiu began studying Kung Fu in 1970 with his grandfather Yau Ta San. For 45 years he has been committed to relentlessly learning different styles of Kung Fu - both external (Ma Chung Mun, Hung Hei Kun Hung Gar, Pak Mei, 12 Tam Tui, Kwantong Nan Kuen, Ti Pei Tong Long, Mei Hua Tong Long, etc.) and internal (Wu Tang Hun Yuan Tai Chi Chuan).

But one day in 1984, the Wing Chun system crossed his path and he decided to commit the rest of his life to the study and practice of this style.

During the last 31 years, teacher Jun has studied and practiced many different Wing Chun styles in Hong Kong, Fatshan, Kulao and Kwanchou. Today, he is practicing and teaching the Kulao Pin San Wing Chun because once he was very much impressed by the teachings of his father–in-law Zhang Yuan, of the great Fung Chi Chan master, and of some other masters from Kulao town.

The book "The Last Wing Chun of Leung Jan" is his first work as an author. Jun Yi Qiu expects that some other works divulging the interesting Kulao Pinsan Wing Chun - a discipline that has remained secret since 1901 and undisclosed by the inhabitants of Kulao town - will appear in the future.

Lineage: (the lineage can get a bit confusing, and is explained in his book)
1) Mai Gei Wong -> Jiu Yi Qiu
2) Ip Man - Chu Shong Tin - Jiu Yi Qui
3) Leung Jan -> Ku Chi Sen -> (Ku Tou -> Ku Cheong) -> Cheun Yin -> Jun Yi Qiu
4) Leung Jan -> Lam Ping (Lam Pa Cheo) -> Cheun Yin -> Jun Yi Qiu
5) Leung Jan -> Wong Wah Sam -> Lam Ping -> Cheun Yin -> Jun Yi Qiu
6) Leung Jan -> Wong Wah Sam -> Fung Chan -> Jun Yi Qiu
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Jun Yi Qiu, Jose Ma Prat, Francisco Perera - The Last Wing Chun of Leung Jan, Ku Lo Pin San Wing Chun (in English and Spanish)
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Jun Qiu, Jose Ma Prat, Francisco Perera - The Last Wing Chun of Leung Jan, Ku Lo Pin San Wing Chun
After exhaustive research, this book presents one of the most secretive families of Wing Chun. Leung Jan was Ip Man's master's master, and the most famous Wing Chun fighter in history.

The Ku Lo method was the only one that Leung Jan performed until the end of his life. He took all of the techniques that he had been employing during his life and built Pin San Wing Chun from them It is like the author calls "concentrated coffee". He put together all the experience he had gathered in his entire life - all the techniques he employed and made him a winner - to set up the ultimate synthesis. As a example, the pole form is 3 /12 movements, not the 6 1/2 commonly taught.

The book itself is an interview (a very long and interesting one) followed by some forms and techniques to give the idea behind the system. It is an interesting read. Learn more about Ip Man's Grandmaster's ultimate style!