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LONG POLE: [SOLD OUT!] Buick Yip - Ultimate Qwan Din Wood
Ultimate Single "Qwan Din" (Quan Dim)  Wood Long Pole

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Made from Qwan Din, the material the original Red Boat Long poles were made from. You should order this pole immediately if you want one, they are very rare and never last long once in stock! Learn More >>
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The Ultimate Qwan Din Long Pole (Luk Dim Boon Quan)

EWC Note: Please keep in mind the age of the wood can be 100 years+. A few poles have small cosmetic imperfections - but these are not a need for concern - your pole will be strong. If your pole snaps due to internal rot or some sort of defect we will replace it or refund your money. That said - please test your pole for any issues within 48 hours of receiving it - after that they are not warranted.

These poles come from Qwan Dim (Quan Dim) that was used on an old boat. The wood is can be 100 years old! These are very unique one-of-a-kind poles!

For real Wing Chun practitioners this is a dream pole! You should order this pole immediately if you want one, they are very rare and never last long once in stock! On average, less than 20 a year are available.

Qwan Dim (Quan Dim) is a heavy dense wood that is commonly used in making oars, like the long oars in the sampan, and it can be put into water permanently and will not rot. They are also heavy and flexible (imagine the long oars rowing against water constantly).

According to Wing Chun legends, the martial art was partially updated during the time its practitioners were part of the Red Boat Operas. This is the period of time in which the long pole was added as a weapon into the Wing Chun system. Considering these boats used long poles made from Qwan Dim to help with their movement and navigation, we believe this is the wood of the original Wing Chun Lum Dim Boon Kwan (Six and a Half Point Pole, Dragon Pole, or Long pole).

This pole is approximately 9 feet and is slightly tapered. You can't find such a tapered pole anywhere else in the world. Technically, the poles should be longer than this - up to 15 feet according to Yip Man - but due to the scarcity of the wood and current UPS, FedEx, DHL, and USPS shipping regulations, we can only make and ship foot poles that are under 108 inches.

When we first starting carrying these poles, we smashed them repeatedly on concrete floors to verify that they do not break. (We'd never recommend abusing your pole needlessly like we did, especially if you want it to last a long time). Many poles on the market today snap upon impact (especially at these lengths) and can be very dangerous to training partners and yourself. You should never have this problem with your pole.

The 9 foot poles normally weigh-in at 5-6 lbs. Tip is 1" Base varies from 1 1/4 inch to 1 3/4 inch. As the poles are hand made from limited wood sources the length does vary from about 106-108 inches.

Poles should be stored vertically (do not lean your pole against a wall or let it lie flat or it could warp).

Qwan Din turns from a medium brown color to a dark color fairly quickly. This is normal and you can see the change happening in the pictures. This effect is quickened by the oils in your hands when you use the pole.

Note on Availability: Qwan Din is a very hard wood to obtain for long poles and currently there are no good sources of wood available. As soon as the trees grow and mature we'll be able to offer these poles again, but that may take a while! So if the poles are available and you want one order it right away!

Wood is not indestructible. Poles will always break if hit hard enough.

Smash Training:
"Smash Training" is (basically speaking) where you are slamming the tip of the pole into the ground as hard as you can - usually in an attempt to hit something (walnuts, coins, chalk, etc) It is a form of training accuracy and power that some lineages perform. Of course, such training quite often breaks poles. We test all of our poles for smash training to see how easily they break. In order for us to recommend a pole for smash training we have determined that it needs to be very strong (have a high Janka rating usually), but still with some flexibility so it does not snap, and it needs to be a little thicker than the typical pole. That extra thickness makes a huge difference. For the test we simply smash the pole 20 times into the ground with as much force as possible - rotating it slightly with each hit so any structural weakness are tested...

This pole is a normal thickness, so it is not thick enough (we recommend 1/2 inch thicker poles all the way around) for this training. It is okay for form work, partner pole work, work with swords, exercises, etc. We tested these poles for smash training and they did not break. Still, due to the normal thickness we do not recommend them for that purpose. Overall these our our favorite poles. They are great for precision hitting, are heavy, flexible, and hold up well in hard application.

One pole is $42 to the USA in a protective tube via UPS Ground. If your country is not listed in the drop down and you want a quote please email us with your full address. If you want to order more than one pole we can fit up to 3 in a tube. Let us know and we will get you a quote for reduced shipping (approx $15 extra per pole to the USA, but it depends on your location).

Warping / Warranty / Replacement:
- Short version: When you get the pole check it out right then and there to make sure it is okay (not warped and is strong). If you don't notify us of an issue immediately the pole is non-replaceable and non-refundable . The makers guarantee the poles, not us, but we will help get you a new one ASAP if there is an issue upon arrival.
- Long Version: All poles are checked for straightness before shipping and shipped in a narrow tube (warped poles will not fit!). They are also stored properly in the warehouse and most are photographed for evidence of straightness. We are very conscious of the need to keep the poles straight. We consider a pole "warped" if an edge of the tip is not in line with the center of the base - so your pole would not arrive warped where the tip is totally out of alignment of the base. What causes poles to warp is typically changes in humidity. For example, we ship from about a 50-60% humidity environment. If you are in 80% humidity then the wood will absorb the moisture in the surrounding air and expand. It if does not expand uniformly then it warps. The same applies if your humidity is 20% and it sheds moisture in your environment. Being the nature of wood, there is absolutely nothing we can do about that... It is just the way things work. We will work with people to replace a warped or damaged pole, but we have to be notified the day you get the pole and with clear photographic evidence. If you wait, then we can't tell if neglect or another factor (like humidity changes) caused the warp. We also ask that you check the pole for strength the day you receive it. Wood can and does break, but in order to determine if a pole is flawed upon arrival or damaged over time in training (including shocking it in the air) or by environmental changes (gets too brittle) you must test it immediately based on the suggested use for that wood type. We cannot replace a pole after 1 week. Lastly, please note that poles are technically guaranteed by the maker, not by us, but we will get you new ones if there is an issue upon arrival.