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LONG POLE: Generic - Red Oak Wood
Long Pole - Generic - Red Oak Wood 8'2"

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This long pole is made of red oak. 8' 2" long; weight: 4 lbs. 8 oz.; approximate diameter: 1.5" bottom and 1.0" top. Learn More >>
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Long Pole - WLE - Red Oak Wood 8'2"

This long pole is made of the hardwood Red Oak. (Janka Hardness Rating: ~1290).

Length: 98 inches (2.48 m)
Weight : approx 4.5 lbs
Diameter : 1.5 inches at handle. Gradually tapered to 1 inch at tip.

- The base and tip are slightly rounded.
- This pole has a clear varnish already applied.
- This pole was professionally dried to maintain correct moisture and minimize cracking.

This pole is good for all "normal" pole work. (i.e. form work, partner pole work, work with swords, exercises, etc). We found these oak poles to be good overall poles. The downside (for some people) is the length and they are and how much they taper makes them "thin" (the tip comes to 1" instead of 1.25 inches.) However, they are some of the most popular poles we sell. This pole is a normal thickness, so it is not thick enough for smash training (see notes below - we recommend 1/2 inch thicker poles all the way around).

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