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LONG POLE: Generic - Red Oak Wood
Long Pole - Generic - Red Oak Wood 8'2"

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This long pole is made of red oak. 8' 2" long; weight: 4 lbs. 8 oz.; approximate diameter: 1.5" bottom and 1.0" top. Learn More >>
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Long Pole - WLE - Red Oak Wood 8'2"

This long pole is made of the hardwood Red Oak. (Janka Hardness Rating: ~1290).

Length: 98 inches (2.48 m)
Weight : approx 4.5 lbs
Diameter : 1.5 inches at handle. Gradually tapered to 1 inch at tip.

- The base and tip are slightly rounded.
- This pole has a clear varnish already applied.
- This pole was professionally dried to maintain correct moisture and minimize cracking.

This pole is good for all "normal" pole work. (i.e. form work, partner pole work, work with swords, exercises, etc). We found these oak poles to be good overall poles. The downside (for some people) is the length and they are and how much they taper makes them "thin" (the tip comes to 1" instead of 1.25 inches.) However, they are some of the most popular poles we sell. This pole is a normal thickness, so it is not thick enough for smash training (see notes below - we recommend 1/2 inch thicker poles all the way around).

One pole is $42 to the USA in a protective tube via UPS Ground. If your country is not listed in the drop down and you want a quote please email us with your full address. If you want to order more than one pole we can fit up to 3 in a tube. Let us know and we will get you a quote for reduced shipping (approx $15 extra per pole to the USA, but it depends on your location).

General Long Pole Information:

What is Smash Training?:
"Smash Training" is (basically speaking) where you are slamming the tip of the pole into the ground as hard as you can - usually in an attempt to hit something (walnuts, coins, chalk, opponent's toes, etc) It is a form of training accuracy and power that some lineages perform. Of course, such training quite often breaks poles. We test all of our poles for smash training to see how easily they break. In order for us to recommend a pole for smash training we have determined that it needs to be very strong (have a high Janka rating usually), but still with some flexibility so it does not snap, and it needs to be a little thicker than the typical pole. That extra thickness makes a huge difference. For the test we simply smash the pole ~20 times into the ground with as much force as possible - rotating it slightly with each hit so any structural weakness are tested... We typically will not sell poles made out of wood that breaks during this testing (i.e. if a wood constantly breaks, it is no good for Wing Chun training). But keep in mind, just because it does not break during our testing does not mean we can recommend it for this destructive training in general.

Wood is not indestructible. Poles will always break if hit hard enough.

The following tips will prolong the life of the poles:
- Use oil or re-varnish them at least once per year. This helps keep the moisture out (which prevents warping and cracking).
- If it comes unvarnished, we highly recommend Varnishing your pole well (or oiling it) upon receiving it. Unprotected wood warps easily.
- Store 100% vertically with the tip down, or flat on floor. Otherwise poles can warp.
- Wrapping the tip (or base) with tape can help keep them from splintering and cracking over time.

Warping / Warranty:
All poles are checked for straightness before shipping and typically shipped in a narrow tube (warped poles will not fit!). They are also stored properly in the warehouse (tip down vertically). We are very conscious of the need to keep the poles straight. We consider a pole "warped" if an edge of the tip is not in line with the center of the base - so your pole would not arrive warped were the tip is totally out of alignment of the base. What causes poles to warp is typically changes in humidity. For example, we ship from about a 50-60% humidity environment. If you are in 80% humidity then the wood will absorb the moisture in the surrounding air and expand. It if does not expand uniformly then it warps. The same applies if it sheds moisture in your environment. Being the nature of wood, there is absolutely nothing we can do about that... It is just the way things work. We will work with people to replace a warped or damaged pole, but we MUST to be notified the day you get the pole and with clear photographic evidence. If you wait, then we can't tell if neglect or another factor (like humidity changes) caused the warp. Please remember, that there are methods of straightening warped poles that you can try if yours happens to bend due to humidity changes.