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Lee Man Hung - Ving Tsun Kung Fu DVD (PAL Format)
Lee Man Hung - Ving Tsun Kung Fu DVD

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Lee Man Hung - Ving Tsun Kung Fu DVD

Master Lee Man Hung leads you through the Ving Tsun martial art system with very direct and scientific fighting technique. A lot of basic and advanced ving tsun chi sau techniques and applications are covered.


Part 1 Preview - Pictures & Short videos
Part 2 Siu Nim Tau - First Form; How to apply - Taan Sau, Bong Sau, Fook Sau
Part 3 Introduction of Basic Chi Sau; Demonstrations of Daan Chi Sau, Seung Chi Sau, Oi Moon & Noi Moon Chi Sau
Part 4 Fun Sau; Footworks - Juen Ma, Chun & Tui Ma
Part 5 Introduction of Advanced Chi Sau
Part 6 Demonstrations of Gum Sau Fat Tsui, Laap Sau, Noi Moon Paak Sau, Naat Sau
Part 7 How to apply - Paak Sau, Laap Sau
Part 8 Cham Kiu - Second Form; Wooden Dummy Techniques (1-30 movements)
Part 9 28 Ving Tsun Movements 1 (Exclusive Arrangement)
Part 10 28 Ving Tsun Movements 2 (Exclusive Arrangement)
Part 11 28 Ving Tsun Movements 3 (Exclusive Arrangement)
Part 12 Wisdom & Skills
Part 13 Direct attack; Indirect attack; One hand controls two hands; Real & Fake attacks
Part 14 Weapons
Part 15 Acknowledgments

Format: DVD
Running time: Approx. 60 minutes
Condition: Brand New
Region: Code All
Language: Cantonese
Subtitles: English
Producer: Lee Man Hung
Instructor: Master Lee Man Hung

Lee Man Hung is a master of the Ving Tsun system under Tommy Yuen Yim Keung's lineage. Sifu yuen was one of Wong Shun Leung's 4 eldest disciples. This is a rare look at the WSL lineage system of Ving Tsun.

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