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(Download Only!) - Sifu Fernandez - Wing Tchun Do - Dynamic Pak Sao Drills (PAL Format)
Sifu Fernandez - Wing Tchun Do - Dynamic Pak Sao Drills

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Sifu Fernandez - Dynamic Pak Sao Drills

Welcome to this edition of Fighterman's 'Dynamic Pak Sao Drills'!

This is a must for all Wing Chun practitioners wanting to build super fast reflexes at close range for close quarters street combat. Fighterman (Sifu Fernendez) gives many demos and with clear explanations and slow motion replays this DVD will be a real eye opener.

Fighterman's 37 year experience has led him to develop the art we know today as WingTchunDo. The exercises are guaranteed to shock the viewers into understanding the effectiveness of close range Wing Chun effectiveness.

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