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Warrior's JONG-ZILLA multiple PVC Dummy Station (comes with 4 dummies)
Warrior's JONG-ZILLA multiple PVC Dummy Station (comes with 4 dummies)

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Availability: Made on Demand. Drop Shipped (~4-10 Weeks)

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Warrior's JONG-ZILLA multiple PVC Dummy Station (Made on Demand)

Jong-Zilla is Warrior’s new multiple PVC dummy training station. This station can hold from 1-4 PVC dummies of varying sizes. Due to the massive amount of variations (arms types, heights, colors, etc), the carpenter will contact you for your preferences upon receiving your order.

This unit comes with all 4 dummies.

This unique stand can be set up in the middle of a room and can occupy 4 practitioners for training. The stand also divides into two separate 2 PVC dummy training stations for use along the wall - so all 4 units can also be lined up along the wall.

This stand is completely free standing and comes with weight try rack for more stabilization. The stand fits together and comes apart without any screwing or unscrewing. Installation is simple.

If you do not want the whole unit, you can buy parts of it as follows (prices subject to change over time). Contact us for details, because shipping will need to be calculated for you individually:

Just the 4 unit stand: $349
Just a 2 unit stand: $189
Jongzilla with only 3 dummies: $1774
Jongzilla with only 2 dummies: $1299
Half Jongzilla with 2 dummies $1139
Half Jongzilla with 1 dummy $678

The PVC is a hard plastic, and a PVC dummy uses PVC to make the trunk/body of the dummy. The arms, legs, and stand are all wooden.

The dummy's arms and leg are made from 100% hardwood ash. Ash is used to make baseball bats and ax handles. The dummy is 60" tall. The spacing between upper arms and the middle is 8.5 inches, and mid-arm to leg space is the same. The leg is 3" x 3" thick.

Currently, the PVC dummies are available in Black, Red, or White. The stand will always be black. The arms and leg will always be black or natural colored.

General Specs:
HEIGHT : 60 inches + Stand
DIAMETER: 8.75 inches. PVC Wall thickness is .75 inches.
WEIGHT: Approx 55 lbs with arms, leg and stand.
- Space Between upper arms and mid arm = 8.5 inches
- Space Between mid arm and leg = 11 inches
- Space between the tips of two upper arms = 9 inches
- Slat Holes made to accommodate slats that are 2 1/8 inches tall by 1 1/4 inches wide.
- Space Between Slat Holes for Mounting to Frame Stands = 42 inches.
The top arms are 53 inches from the floor. If you need them set at a different height let us know. The dummy is not height adjustable.

Stand Specs (approximations):
HEIGHT: 7 inches
DEPTH: 44 inches
WIDTH: 44 inches
WEIGHT: 45 lbs

This dummy takes 4-7 weeks to construct and drop-ships from the carpenter. Build times do vary based on season and order queue. Please email for shipping quote to Canada or Worldwide.
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