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Warrior's PVC Centerline Dummy with Vector Stand (Made on Demand)
Warrior's PVC Centerline Dummy with Vector Stand  (Made on Demand)

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Availability: Made on Demand. Drop Shipped (~4-10 Weeks)

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Warrior's PVC Centerline Dummy with Vector Stand (Made on Demand)

This is a unique dummy with one dynamic upper arm. Please see the YouTube videos for an explanation of this unique dummy.

This PVC dummy has a newer version of the modern free stand - the Vector stand. It is a bit more compact and easier to transport.

The PVC is a hard plastic, and a PVC dummy uses PVC to make the trunk/body of the dummy. The arms, legs, and stand are all wooden.

Warrior's PVC dummy with modern free-standing vector stand is ideal when price, space and portability are a factor.

The dummy's arms and leg are made from 100% hardwood ash. Ash is used to make baseball bats and ax handles. The dummy is 60" tall. The spacing between upper arms and the middle is 8.5 inches, and mid-arm to leg space is the same. The leg is 3" x 3" thick.

Currently, the PVC dummies are available in Black, Red, or White. The stand will always be black. The arms and leg will always be black or natural colored.

General Specs:
HEIGHT : 60 inches + Stand
DIAMETER: 8.75 inches. PVC Wall thickness is .75 inches.
WEIGHT: Approx 55 lbs with arms, leg and stand.
- Space Between upper arms and mid arm = 8.5 inches
- Space Between mid arm and leg = 11 inches
- Space between the tips of two upper arms = 9 inches
- Slat Holes made to accommodate slats that are 2 1/8 inches tall by 1 1/4 inches wide.
- Space Between Slat Holes for Mounting to Frame Stands = 42 inches.
The top arms are 53 inches from the floor. If you need them set at a different height let us know. The dummy is not height adjustable.

Stand Specs (approximations):
HEIGHT: 7 inches
DEPTH: 31 inches
WIDTH: 34 inches
WEIGHT: 25 lbs

This dummy takes 4-7 weeks to construct and drop-ships from the carpenter. Build times do vary based on season and order queue. Please email for shipping quote to Canada or Worldwide.
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