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Buick Yip Products

"Besides having been involved in Ving Tsun kung fu for more than 40 years, Sifu Buick Yip is an outstanding calligrapher and artist. His attention to detail and keen ability to recognize the true nature of Ving Tsun in his art and Ving Tsun products sets him apart from the norm. I am very selective of what art I buy for my school and products used. Sifu Buick Yip has provided me much joy over the years with his products and art. In my opinion, you just can't go wrong with Sifu Buick Yip."

-Darrell Jordan, President and Founder, World Ving Tsun Athletic Assn.

"Dear Friends and Colleagues: Please post this message if you would on your website in the area of Sifu Buick Yip's Products.

I would just like to comment by saying that Sifu Buick Yip is by far one of Ving Tsun's guiding lights and moving forces. He not only produces quality products, but upholds the highest tradition of Ving Tsun Gung Fu in his daily life and in his heart.

How can i attest to these statements? Because as his friend, as well as his student, I have personally witnessed and experienced his unselfish acts of kindness and professionalism. He, through his friendship and training, revitalized my stagnating points of view in martial arts. I wish him a healthy and long life, and I look forward to seeing him again in Hong Kong in near future.

To all that are considering to purchase any of Buick Yip's products, I would highly recommend that they do so.

- With great respect, Dr. C. Gigante MacBaine (Dr. Mac), Founder and Advising Physician, Jeet Kune Do Hospital Foundation Int'l. -and- Author of: "The Basic Theories of Jeet Kune Do" Assumption University Press (Thailand)
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