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Greg Yau

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Born in Hong Kong and raised in San Francisco Grandmaster (GM) Greg Yau currently resides in both cities. He began studying the Ip Man Wing Chun system in 1972 from his two uncles, Chris and Stanley Chan, both students of the Great Grandmaster Ip Man. GM Yau was given permission to teach after only one year of training with his uncles... (bio Continued at the bottom of the page)

Lineage: Yip Man -> Chris Chan (Chan Shing) & Stanley Chan -> Greg Yau
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Though GM Yau's training was in the martial arts his natural temperament led him to question the value of studying violence as a means of solving problems, and he came to realize that healing and helping others heal themselves were areas that he was more interested in, so he spent eight years working in an acupuncture clinic as an apprentice for Dr. John S. Yee PhdD. LAC, from 1985 to 1992, learning Acupuncture, Herbs, and Chi Gung. From 1995 to 2002, GM Yau studied under Wing Pon, learning Quantum Physics and helped co-created the Holon Method. He continued his Quantum and Theoretical Physics knowledge with Bill Gough of the Foundation for Mind Being Research from 2000 to present. GM Yau is a former President and Board Member of the Foundation for Mind Being Research and Executive Director of the Shaolin School of Health and Self Defense in San Francisco, where he teaches a unique blend of Wing Chun strengthened by his Acupuncture, Chi Gung and Quantum Physics learnings. Today his focus is upon the underlying spiritual basis and healing potentials of the ancient arts. His top students include Sifus Eddie Katzman, Tim Lee (Lee Wing-dot), Ryan Santiago, Gao Fu & Josh.