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Sifu Jon Rister has studied Wing Chun since 1985. He met Sifu Francis Fong (Jui Wan Lineage) in 1986 and became an instructor in under him in 1999. Although Sifu Jon was teaching Wing Chun as Jun Fan/Wing Chun Gung fu for many years prior(1989), he began to see that something was missing and so began in earnest to relearn the system properly from Sifu Fong... (bio Continued at the bottom of the page)

There is something special about Wing Chun, and Sifu Jon wants everyone to learn. He is a teacher and a student of the art. Get this unique perspective and be prepared to think deeply and challenge your base of knowledge.

Lineage: Yip Man -> Jui Wan* -> Francis Fong -> Jon Rister
(* Jui Wan also trained under Chan Wah Shun's son and his student Jiu Jow).
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[LAST CHANCE!] Jon Rister - Close Combat Strategy and Tactics: Prevent, Confront, Prevail
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Jon Rister - Close Combat Strategy and Tactics: Prevent, Confront, Prevail
Some people pursue martial arts for recreation. Others are mainly academically or intellectually interested in its history and culture. Then there are those who are simply afraid. They study and practice martial arts out of a genuine need to protect themselves from dangerous people and situations... this is for them.
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After several years of study he approached Sifu Fong about teaching Wing Chun from a classical standpoint, and received permission and started teaching. After years of teaching researching and special instructor training under Sifu Francis Fong and Sifu Dan Inosanto, Sifu Jon started to see something very special about Wing Chun that goes mostly un-noticed,or at least not openly discussed, and so decided to write this book and two others not yet out in the public. "Wing Chun Strategy and Tactics Attack Attack Attack" and "Wing Chun Strategy and Tactics Strike Control Break" then "Combat Wing Chun in 100" days. A fourth book will be coming as well about Bui Gee and Muk Yan.

Sifu Jon Rister has a school in Texas and two in Finland, Helsinki and Oulu. where he travels every year to update his instructors there. Sifu Fong even visits once per year as well.