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Download this Sifu's Videos on Everything Wing Chun Instant Access Joseph Lee trained and taught in virtual anonymity for the past 20 years. Only now, after his retirement, has much information been released on him and his teachings. (Bio at bottom of page)

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Joseph Lee - Wing Chun Attack and Counter Attack DVD (PAL)
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Joseph Lee - Wing Chun Attack and Counter Attack
Drawing on more than twenty years experience, Sifu Joseph Lee reveals the attacking and countering potential of Wing Chun. Covering basic techniques,chi sau, drills, locks, takedowns and legwork, Sifu Lee shows the principles and application of attacking and countering within every aspect of Wing Chun.

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Though he was always one to shun the spotlight, the late Grandmaster Lee Shing should be given full credit for bringing the Chinese martial art of Wing Chun to the United Kingdom. Thanks to him, a whole new generation of kung fu instructors have spread the art far and wide. Those who trained under the grandmaster are many and varied. They include Joseph Cheng, Eddie Yeoh, the late Nigel Fan, Austin Goh and Kenny Chan.

However, only one of the grandmaster's disciples has, until now, followed his master's habit of training and teaching in virtual anonymity. It's only recently that Joseph Lee has stepped out from the shadows to share his unique knowledge of this fascinating martial art form.

Starting his training at the age of nine in Hong Kong, Joseph Lee eventually moved to the United Kingdom at the age of fifteen and continued his training in a number of different martial arts (judo, karate, tae-kwon-do and praying mantis kung-fu) before finally meeting and starting his training under Grandmaster Lee Shing, under whom he continued to train for the next twenty years until his master's death.

Although Sifu Lee has now retired from teaching, his vision, understanding and style of Wing Chun lives on in the many students he has taught and inspired over the years!