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Download Sifu Larry Saccoia's Videos at the Wing Chun University The mission of PVT (_Pure Ving Tsun") is to pass on the _Ving Tsun Quan_ teachings of Master Wong and to train our students_ physical fitness through the practicing of Ving Tsun. The vision of Pure Ving Tsun is to advocate a contemporary and non conventional teaching style, which adopts a systematic module and emphasizes the applicability of Ving Tsun while merging with its traditional theories. In addition to _Ving Tsun Quan_ as the core skill set, we further understand individuals_ abilities and personalize their training exercises. Our ultimate purpose is to cultivate our students_ enthusiasm for Ving Tsun, to raise their self-defense awareness, self-confidence and the ability to focus through the Ving Tsun training and improve their overall physical well-being on a daily basis.

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Lineage: Ip Man -> Wong Shun Leung -> Jerry Yeung
Lineage: Ip Man -> Wong Shun Leung -> (Jerry Yeung) -> Mark Wong
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PVT Group - WSL Ving Tsun - Core Concepts
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PVT Group - WSL Ving Tsun - Core Concepts
The WSL crowd has been raving over the new PVT Group DVD making it one of the hottest new DVDs to hit the streets in a long time.  Grab a copy today and see what everyone is raving about! Learn about the Proper Ving Tsun Straight Punch, Footwork, Correct Angle, Street Application, and more!
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Jerry Yeung, the founder and head coach of “Pure Ving Tsun (PVT)” first met the Master of Ving Tsun, Wong Shun Leung si-fu in 1989, who afterwards became Jerry’s coach and enlightened him on Ving Tsun and inspired his passion for the traditional Chinese Martial Arts. Master Wong was one of the most outstanding and notable students of Yip Man, the legendary figure in the global Ving Tsun community, whose disciples include Bruce Lee, the iconic Hong Kong actor and martial arts instructor. In 1960s, Master Wong gained victory in Ving Tsun through countless public contests against other Martial Arts. Subsequently, Master Wong developed his own set of “Ving Tsun Quan” based on his experience synthesizing with the Ving Tsun theories and teachings.

Mark Wong, One of the Ving Tsun head coach of “PVT Group Ltd first met Sifu Wong Shun Leung in 1983 at the young age of 9 years old. It was during this age where Mark first saw and began his training in WSL Ving Tsun starting with Sifu Wong Shun Leung to various Sihings after Sifu Wong Shun Leung’s passing. In 2011, Mark decided to join PVT group and became one of the Head coach to help promote Ving Tsun.