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Steve was trained in medicine and surgery, taught anatomy and physiology at the medical school level, served as a county coroner in the investigation and prosecution of violent human death and also had direct contact with Ip Chingˇs live group training and Ron Heimberger's long-term personal mentoring. (Continued at bottom.)
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(Download Only!) - Steve Barninger - Anatomy and Physiology for Wing Chun Excellence
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(Download Only) Steve Barninger - Anatomy and Physiology for Wing Chun Excellence
These videos cut to the core of human structure and function, as it pertains to Wing Chun. Owning and absorbing the information in these lectures will add an extra measure of excellence to your skills.
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Steve Barninger has been a people-centered entrepreneur since he started his first business at the age of eight. That operation created continuously expanding earnings until he sold it to enter college. His first undergraduate education was in history, theology and ministry. His second phase of undergraduate study was in life sciences and business management. His graduate professional education was in medicine. Steve’s surgical career was cut short by a life threatening accident, resulting in a two-year recovery and significant loss of fine hand dexterity. After recovery, he returned to the business world as a corporate trainer and public presenter. That work led to his recruitment as vice-president of an 86-year-old quality-centered company of 300 remarkably dedicated individuals.

As corporate downsizing began to contract America’s economy, Steve moved into private consulting to help small private business owners and independently-minded individuals understand the source of, and solutions to, America’s deepening economic decay. His emphasis is on the positive steps individuals can take to create private expansion of their own personal independence. Steve’s private consultancies and public presentations make these problems easily understandable and the solutions personally achievable for all who are committed to privately securing their own best interests, while respecting and protecting the rights and interests of others.

To discuss consultancy or speaking engagements with Steve, send a request to .