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One of the founders of Wing Tsjun (a branch of Wing Tsun). Born in April 1976, Thommy started training in the martial arts at age 6 and the Wing Tsun system in 1991. His teachers include Wing Tsun Grandmaster Kernspecht, Sifu Emin Boztepe, Sifu Stefan Fischer, Sifu Hans-Peter Edel and Sifu Thomas Schroen. (Continued at Bottom.)

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[LAST ONE!] - Thommy Luke Boehlig - Wing Tsjun - 3 DVD Set Thommy Luke Boehlig - Wing Tsjun Book The Art of Fighting
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Thommy Luke Boehlig - Wing Tsjun - 3 DVD Set Thommy Luke Böhlig - Wing Tsjun, The Art of Fighting - Book
Basic techniques, Siu Nim Tau form, applications, fight through kicking, punching, knee, elbow and head distances, background information about the history of Wing Tsjun, dirty little tricks, how to be able to defend oneself within 10 minutes, knife- and stick-defense, restraint techniques, interviews. The Art of Fighting' addresses all topics that could be interesting for someone who is new to the Wing Tsjun system. It explains the basic concepts, mottos and techniques of the art and illustrates them with many photos and explanations.
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1996-2000 Led the Australian EWTO schools in Perth and Fremantle under National Instructor Sifu Stefan Fischer.

1997 Successfully completed the professional training course in close protection at the IPSO Security Academy.

2002 Appointed as Scottish National Trainer for WT by GM Kernspecht within the EWTO.

2002 Awarded title of “Sifu of Wing Tsun” by GM Kernspecht.

2005 Completed the grading for 4th Instructor Level in the EWTO.

2005 With GM Allan Fong and GM Emanuel Hart founded Martial Arts International as the overall martial arts governing body for Wing Tsjun, Eskrima and ChiKung.