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Anthony Caucci - Kai Sai Wing Chun - Instructor's Series - Siu Lum Tao - Part 1
Anthony Caucci - Kai Sai Wing Chun - Instructor's Series - Siu Lum Tao - Part 1

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Anthony Caucci - Kai Sai Wing Chun - Instructor's Series - Siu Lum Tao - Part 1

Kai Sai Wing Chun is one of the most unique methods of Wing Chun in the world. In this first series designed for instructors or advanced students, you will learn the unique footwork in Kai Sai Wing Chun, fighting positions, crossing the bridge vs bridging the gap, sealing the gap, capturing center vs striking center and the lethal finish vs striking your opponent into submission.

Many of the techniques from Sil Lum Tao form will be shown using lethal applications. Some of the techniques that you will see applications for are: Chamber position, Toe out position, toe in position, Hip tuck, chung chuie, lap, haunt sao, grabbing and withdrawing the arm, hands dropping to waist, centerline tan sao, jump sao, wu sao, took sao, pal and reverse pak and Yan Chuang (palm strike).

This instructors series was not originally produced for the public but was intended for the students of Kai Sai Wing Chun. Before purchasing this series one should understand the brutality of the finishing techniques in Kai Sai Wing Chun.

For the initial public release of this footage we are offing a massive $80 discount. Available only on Everything Wing Chun!

1 hour 20 mins

Kai Sai Wing Chun has always been a private system and was not promoted commercially. After ten years of Traditional Wing Chun and twenty three years of Kai Sai Wing Chun, Anthony is now Chief Instructor of Kai Sai Wing Chun International. Kai Sai Wing Chun is now available to the public. These first set of instructional DVDs were not originally intended for public sale. They were designed as a teaching guide for those already involved in Kai Sai Wing Chun. Therefore, these DVDs are classified as instructional DVDs for Traditional Wing Chun teachers and advanced students who are looking to expand their Wing Chun to the next level which is “Realistic Lethal Wing Chun”.
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