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(Download Only!) - Austin Goh - DVD 07:Master of Wing Chun Kung Fu (PAL Format)
Austin Goh - DVD 07:  Master of Wing Chun Kung Fu

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Austin Goh - DVD 07:  Master of Wing Chun Kung Fu

The Wing Chun System of Sil Lum Tao, Chiam Kiu, Bil-Chee, Pole Form, 116 Wooden Dummy Techniques, and Butterfly Knife Form.  Also the two most kept secret form and techniques, the kicking Form and the Hard Chi-Gung form will be fully revealed for the first time. 
This video is a once in a lifetime opportunity to have combined forms, theory, and application on the Wing Chun System.
Shot on location in Malaysia, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Italy, and London. 
DVD Contents:
Sil Lum Tao
Chum Kiu
Wooden Dummy
Long Pole
Butterfly Swords
Kicking Form
Hard Chi-Gung Form
The complete step by step guide to training in the basic Wing Chun system
Stretching and conditioning techniques
Applications of form
Basic sparring
The grading syllabus
Break down of Sil Lim Tao (little ideas form)

  • Available Audio Tracks: Dolby Digital Stereo
  • Main Language: English
  • Region 0
  • PAL, Widescreen
  • Studio: Quantum Leap Group Limited
  • DVD Release Date: 22 April 2002
  • ASIN: B000065UGP
Special Features
Specially prepared mirrored versions of the exercises, syllabus and forms