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Blade Styles: Stabber

These Wing Chun Butterfly Swords have a blade in the Stabber or "Straight Edge Stabber" style.

The Narrowing Stabber is mainly used for piercing opponents. The narrower blade and sharper tip facilitate this. These blades are good for stabbing and slicing, but sacrifice some chopping ability. You will notice that the top edge of the blade (the spine) is also angled downward. This give the sword more piercing power as the tip is in alignment with the handle and wrist. This is very similar to how they made the swords in the Red Boat (war) era of Wing Chun's history. These are lighter and faster than the choppers. Our 12 inch stabber was based on a historical triangular design rather than using one of the ugly modern rectangles that had no precedent in historical China (and are just a low cost manufacturing innovation).

The Straight-Edge Stabber is used by a few lineages. Instead of narrowing, the edge of the blade and spine run parallel to each other, until the end of the sword when the tip rounds up. Stabbing ability here is lost to gain a little chopping/blocking ability. This is more of a lineage specific design rather than a historical one, but one that is quiet popular.