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SOLD! - Buick Yip - (USA/Canada) - Wooden Dummy 303 - Lychee Wood (Parallel Arms)
Buick Yip - Lychee Wood Wing Chun Dummy - Mook Yan Jong

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Buick Yip - Wing Chun Wooden Dummy (aka Muk Yan Jong, or Mook Yan Jong)

EWC Notes on this dummy: This dummy trunk weighs 48 kg + 9 kg for the arms and leg = 57 kg (or 125 lbs total). This dummy comes with arms that are Parallel and can also be reversed and used in the traditional setting. This Lychee is one four Buick was lucky enough to get from a single large trunk. Made from the very dense and heavy Lychee wood, this dummy is the heaviest and most rare on the market.

*Signed* The rear of this dummy has been signed and dated by Buick (see picture for example) to indicate it came from his workshop.

General Information:

If you care about having absolutely the best Wing Chun dummy available on the market today, bar none, then you must have a Buick Yip Wing Chun wooden dummy. There is no question about it: for those that care about their Wing Chun and proper training, this is the ONLY dummy to buy. No other even comes close.

These are the dummies of Sifus, collectors, and the discerning Wing Chun practitioner.

Recently Buick was going to retire from the dummy business. I asked him to give it one more go and make dummies for you guys a little longer before he retired. These dummies could disappear from the market at any time, and when they do they will be even more valued than the original Koo Sang dummies made last generation.


This dummy trunk is made from Lychee Wood. This wood is, by some, considered the best wood for dummies. It is extremely heavy and rare, meaning that the dummy trunk can weigh upwards of 150 lbs. The wood is very dense and has a reddish color. The legs of all the dummies are made from this wood. Lychee is the sole member of the genus Litchi in the soapberry family. It is a fruit tree grown in tropical and sub-tropical Asia.

More Information from Buick:
"Lychee trees dont' grow big, they are usually saucer size diameter, because of the year rings are so tight they have very high density, a tree trunk with the size suitable for making a dummy is at least 50 years old, probably out of thousands of Lychee trees there is only a few of this size grown.

Lychee is an original fruit from Southern part of China - Canton, it was introduced to other countries in recent years because of its fruit scent and sweetness, because of it's high density and available here, it has became a legendary dummy material, also because of it's scarcity fewer lychee dummies had actually been made. None of these dummies were taken from live trees, a living Lychee tree of this size yields 2-3 crops a year and they're worth thousands of USD, all the trunk material came from real old trees that is slowing down and considered non-productive. None of our dummy materials were cut down alive for the purpose of making dummies, many more of them had been taken down for a length period of time, mostly due to the trees were dying down, or they get in the way of new construction projects."

Dummy Measurements:

The measurements of all the dummies are based on Wong Shun Leung's dummy made by Koo Sang. Yip Man gave Koo Sang these measurements and we guarantee you won't be able to tell the difference between your dummy and Wong Shun Leung's! These dummies are made with the most accurate measurements of any dummy on the market today.

The dummy has many measurements, but the basic ones are these:

  • Diameter - 21 cm. (this can vary, if the trunk is slightly larger Buick usually keeps the extra girth and weight)
  • Length - 1.4 meters.
  • Arm length - 29.5 cm.
  • Distance between two top arms (from middle of arms tip) - 21 cm when open, 19 cm when closed.
  • From top of dummy to top of 1st opening - 25 cm. (This may vary on longer trunks)
  • From bottom of bottom hole of top arms to top of middle arm 23 cm
  • Dimension of arm holes - 4 cm.
  • Arms tip - 3.5 cm.
  • Arms base - 5.5 cm.
  • Top of the dummy leg from end to center of knee is 30 cm.
  • From center of knee to bottom is 42 cm.
  • Cross section of the leg is 7 cm by 8 cm (approx.), and slightly bigger at the knee.
Average Weights*:

60-88 lbs (~27-40 kg) for kapok wood dummies
99-115 lbs (~45-52 kg) for teak, temple piller, and dry elm wood dummies
115-125 lbs (~52-57 kg) for mahogany and peach wood dummies
120-135 lbs (~55-62 kg) for marble wood dummies
120-145 lbs (~55-65 kg) for tiger marble wood dummies
120-155 lbs (~55-70 kg) for lychee and longan wood dummies

*arms legs and slats account for about 12 kg.

The weight varies based on density of the wood used: every tree is different. These weights are only a guide and not a guarantee.

Arms, Legs, Slats:

The dummy arms are 30 cm length and are made from marble or Lychee wood on all dummies except teak (Teak dummies come with teak arms). Marble/Lychee wood arms were chosen for their density. They do not break.

All dummy legs are made of a solid marble wood or lai chi nut tree branch. The wood has a natural twist so the legs are in one piece and can stand kicking in practice without breaking.

All dummies include two 1.5 meter horizontal slats for mounting.

About the Woods Used:

These dummies became famous, in part, because of the woods originally used for the trunks. These woods are not acquired through regular trade sources. Buick has to make a lot of special trips to minor dealers just to find and acquire a couple of pieces of appropriate material. There is no promise for the continuation of any of the woods used. For example, marble wood was discontinued from 2006 to 2009 due to the fact that all the supply dried up. Luckily, trees grow and we can sometimes bring these dummies to the market once again.


Unless you get a free stand as part of a special deal, you will need to get a Buick Yip wall stand, request a Buick floor stand via email, or make your own stand.


Please note if this dummy is slated as USA/Canada (i.e. in our USA warehouse) or Worldwide (i.e. In Hong Kong).

If Shipping from the USA Warehouse:
All shipping is via FedEx or UPS and takes approx 1 week to deliver. If we are shipping from the US warehouse to an international destination then, you are responsible for customs fees and taxes/VAT. The value of the dummy is reduced about 20-50% for customs, but we cannot drop it lower if it is to be insured.

If Shipping from Hong Kong:
For most countries (see list below) there is a flat $350 shipping fee for the following dummies: Temple Pillar Wood, Marble Wood, Teak Wood, Mahogany, Peach Wood and most others. Tiger Marble and Lychee are $475. Shipping will be via FedEx or DHL from Buick in Hong Kong. Delivery is usually in 5-7 days from the time Buick sends it. You are responsible for customs fees and taxes. The value of the dummy is reduced about 50-90% for customs, but it cannot be insured with a low customs value.

The following countries are approved for the flat $350/$475 rate: USA, Canada, UK, Belgium, Luxemburg, Italy, Germany, France, Austria, Denmark, Finland, Portugal, Sweden, Spain, Greece, Ireland, Norway, Australia, New Zealand, Cyprus, Czech Rep, Hungary, Poland, Slovenia, and Indonesia.

The following countries will need a separate quote: Mexico, UAE, Brazil, and the small Island countries. If in doubt, please email us for a quote!

Disclaimers and Warranty Info:

- This is the Actual Dummy you will receive. Sale of this dummy is final. It is not returnable or refundable.
- Be sure to read the Buick Yip Dummies - Read Me.pdf and our blog post on humidity for more information, care, warranty, and the purchase terms and conditions.

- EWC Responsibility: With a purchase you agree that Everything Wing Chun (EWC) will not be held responsible for any issues that may arise with these dummies. You understand that EWC acts as a broker for the dummies and cannot exchange, warrant, of refund any portion of the dummy or money paid for the dummy. All of these issues are handled by the manufacturer. You agree not to hold Everything Wing Chun liable for any damages, or take any action against EWC, for any injury or loss resulting from the use or care of the dummy. Just like ALL equipment we sell, the manufacturer warrants the dummy, not us. This is not a DVD that can be easily replaced, it is an expensive and unique item. Any refund or replacement for a defect must be approved by and paid through Buick Yip. This policy is the same as large retailers such as Amazon for their drop-shipped and 3rd party items. We offer you the opportunity to buy these dummies on our site, but the funds go to a third-party, namely Buick. (You can also wire the funds directly to Buick if you prefer and get a 4% discount on the purchase). With a purchase you agree that any issues will handled through Buick and you will not pursue Everything Wing Chun for a refund or return in any way.
- Important Note: These solid body dummies should be kept in the normal humidity range, which is 50-60%. After extensive testing we see that most dummies hold up well at 45% humidity, but anything under that (esp 25-30% humidity) can cause the dummies to start to crack. Anything over 69% and you might develop mold in your house, so that should be avoided as well. This range is considered ideal for humans as well as dummies. If you are in an arid environment you should consider getting a humidifier. Please get a good hydrometer (they are cheap) to monitor the humidity in the area the dummy will be kept. Prevention of cracks is your responsibility. The dummies can be acclimatized to the arid environments, but it must be done over the course of 6 months to a year, so you would have to slowly drop the humidity in the room over that time until you got down to 30% or lower.

- Disclaimer: As with most expensive high quality items more care needs to be taken with these dummies, not less. All solid log dummies have a tendency to crack whenever they change environments no matter how dry they were before the move. This will be an issue when you first receive the dummy, whenever you move, or if you experience dramatic humidity swings in your area. Care needs to be taken in the winter as well because moisture is frozen and heaters tend to dry out the air rapidly. Dehumidifiers, heaters, direct sunlight, leaving the dummy outside, leaving the dummy wrapped up, etc are all considered neglect. Also, running air conditioners too much can dry out the air and cause the dummy to crack - this is an issue to be aware of if you are in the south. In some humid areas the dummy will absorb moisture, which is okay, but then if you run the A/C for a couple weeks the dummy could get too dry and start cracking. Be Aware! Prevention of cracks is your responsibility. See the Read Me and our blog post on humidity for more info on care. These dummies have been properly dried for 6 months to 1 year by Buick (some of the more expensive dummies have been dried for 3 years!), but wood can and will re-absorb moisture and then dry back out. Solid logs are a lot different than other wood types because they contain 2 different kinds of cells - the ones on the outside that hold the tree up, and the ones on the inside that pass nutrients up the core. These cells are aligned different ways and absorb moisture differently, which is what causes the wood to pull apart and crack when drying. There is nothing that can be done about this - it is the nature of solid logs. Almost all properly dried solid log dummies still have very thin hairline slits near the ends and arm holes. This is totally normal. You cannot stick a piece of paper in these cracks and they are sealed by Buick. A compilation of data over the past 5 years shows that about 10% of dummies develop thin cracks that are easily repaired. Most of these occur due to some sort of neglect on the part of the owner. If you cannot keep the dummy in a controlled environment (for heat and humidity), then you should strongly consider buying a laminate dummy instead. We have some great laminate dummies for this exact reason. If you can keep the dummy in an controlled environment and take care to make sure it is acclimatized properly when received or moved, then it should last you a lifetime in perfect condition.