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Wing Chun Butterfly Swords: FLAGSHIP v1 - Hybrid 12 D2 - HG Blunt
Ultimate Wing Chun Butterfly Swords - Full Tang Flagship Line - Hybrid 12" D2 Blade

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This is a unique model - only 1 was made. It is a hollow-grind in d2 that was not sharpened with the rest. These are weapon-grade true full-tang swords. Blade is a 12 inch hybrid chopper/stabber and is made in German D2 Tool Steel with a wide hollow grind. D-Guard is AISI 304 stainless hot drop forged.
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Ultimate Wing Chun Butterfly Swords - Full Tang Flagship Line
(Wing Chun Butterfly Knives, Bart Jarm Do, Hudiedao)

[These swords were a display/floor model]. - They are NEW and have not been used. These swords are sold as-is. They are no longer made, so a replacement is also not possible. This item is not available for returns - all sales final. The case that comes with them is non-replaceable - it is a free case and there may be some cases that are not in 100% "new" condition since the swords were stored in them. Some cases have the SKU written under the handle.

If you want the highest quality Wing Chun training swords on the market today, then look no further! These are the top production BJD on the market today short of full custom blades.

Specific Specs For This Sword:
For more info please read our blog post: Everything Wing Chun Butterfly Swords Guide

Blade Style:
Blade Length: Approx 12 1/4 to 12 3/8 inches (31.1 to 31.75 cm)
Blade Steel: High-Quality German D2 Tool Steel
Blade Grind: Hollow Grind
Blade Sharpness: NOT Sharp
Blade Measurements: Overall approx 17.5 inches. Blade approx 12.25 inches. Belly approx 2.5 inches. Base approx 2.25 inches. Handle approx 4.5 inches.
Sword Weight: Each sword weighs approx 820-870 g (or 1.86 lbs) on average. Paired swords are generally within 10 grams (0.35 oz) of each other.
D-Guard Steel: AISI 304 Stainless
Handle Material: Black Laminated Stabilized Wood (designed to prevent cracking over time).
Flipping: Sword can easily and comfortably be flipped and held in a reverse grip.
Notes: These swords are hand-made. No two swords are perfectly identical. Small variations in the measurements are typical.

EWC is providing a free carry case ($50 Retail value) with these swords.

There is a very limited quantity of these swords. If you do not order them you might miss out. Do not wait hoping/thinking we will have these again. Only 20 pair of most models was made. Sharps only 4 pair. Most of these were pre-ordered.

General Product Information:

If you want the highest quality Wing Chun swords on the market today, then look no further! These are the top BJD on the market today short of full custom blades.


After the release of our Integral swords we spent 6 additional months gathering feedback from top over 30 sifus and improving the design. These swords are the result of that work. They are lighter, quicker, stronger, feel better, and trap better than the Integral swords, which were already the best swords on the market. The balance on these swords is second-to-none. The major difference between these and the Integral model was in the design of the quillon and D-Guard. In order to facilitate better trapping, flipping ability has to be sacrificed some - so the Integral swords flip easier and these trap better. These, however, still flip much easier than any other sword on the market - make no mistake they trap and flip very well. In addition the blade shapes have been modified to better suit multiple lineage's requirements.

Flagship Line:

The flagship line is our full tang weapon-grade line of swords. The best steels and the best construction methods are used. The balance, fit and finish are extraordinary. The D Guard is a separate piece of hot drop forged AISI 304 stainless steel. The folks who make expensive custom Western knives cut a corner and use 416 because, even though 304 is better, it is very tough to work with. We cut no corners. We went through a ton of prototypes getting the D guard just right. There is no wasted space in the knucklebow, the quillon will trap, there is good hand protection, and yet you can still flip to a reverse grip. The blades come in high quality German 440C with a mirror finish or German D2 Tool Steel with a satin finish. D2 is what is used to cut other steels and is extremely hard. In addition we use the German versions of these steels over the cheaper Chinese versions due to the difference in quality. It is complete overkill - no other swords on the market use this quality of 440C or D2. D2 models (unsharp) are suitable to train weapon vs weapon techniques with.

Superior Steels Used:

D-Guard: Hot Drop forged AISI 304 stainless steel. This is absolutely our top pick for a D Guard regardless of cost.
Blade: High Quality German 440C or D2 Tool Steel.

440C - This is really the cream-of-the-crop when it comes to stainless steels. Do not confuse it with other stainless steels used on modern butterfly swords, which are usually a softer, cheaper version of stainless. 440C is the toughest stainless there is, and we used only the best German made steels. 440C is a high-chromium steel with a terrific balance between hardness and corrosion resistance. 440C takes a nice edge and is fairly easy to resharpen if you desire to do so. If you are buying these swords for display, forms training, or pole vs swords work then 440C is ideal. 440C is the favorite stainless steel many custom knife makers, including the top U.S. custom knife maker Jay Fisher and Mark Waite, a top quality U.S. knife maker with expertise crafting fine custom Butterfly Swords.

D2 Tool Steel - This is a extraordinarily tough and hard steel which offers good corrosion resistance and excellent mileage in wear resistance. It is able to take and retain a very fine edge (though unlike 440C it is a pain to sharpen and resharpen). It is considered by a number of top Western custom knife makers to be the best carbon steel for blades. It is a good choice for hard use applications. D2 is often used to cut other steels. D2 is very hard to work with when making swords. It has taken our forge an extra 6 months of work to make these blades in large part due to the trouble of shaping such a tough steel. D2 is considered semi-stainless and will not rust as quickly as other high-carbon steels, however care will need to be taken to prevent rust. (see our care document for tips). Pick D2 if you want to do weapon vs weapon training and can keep the blades clean and waxed after use. The sharpened D2 blades are not to be used in training. On the bottom of the product pages of the D2 models you can view a video of the blade being tested in the forge.

Superior Construction Techniques:

Historically Chinese Butterfly Knives actually used for combat relied on a quality hidden tang. We have taken it to the next level with far stronger full tang. (Compare both of these methods to everything else currently on the market which uses modern corner cutting method of using a shorter piece of steel for the blade and welding a thin strip or screw on to it to serve as the tang (a rat tail tang)). The handle scales are triple pinned and glued to the full tang. The D Guard is hot drop forged (drop forging is used to make hammers). The blade is carefully fitted to the D Guard so the weapon is solid. The blade is sent out by the forge partner for professional expert heat treatment (heat treatment is of critical importance -- better an adequate steel with a good heat treatment than a great steel with a poor heat treatment). The 440C knives are polished to a glossy shine you can see yourself in. D-2 blades are satin finished because the steel will not take a mirror finish.

Blade Style:

We are offering multiple blade styles because each lineage has different requirements:

The Bellied Chopper is mainly used for hacking and slashing techniques. It makes the chops very powerful and a real weapon can can cleave through bone. Choppers sacrifice the ability to stab effectively. Our 13" chopper resulted from our careful study of the best features of the blades on Ip Man's actual swords and the famous Hong Kong Koo Sang model, added to world-class experience.

The Hybrid Blade is our own invention. It is a mix of a pure chopper and a stabber. We felt that even though most lineages use the modern chopper version, you still need to be able to stab effectively, so we made the blade in a manner that allows it to effectively chop and stab. This allows all lineages to use the swords. Most chopping versions of the swords are too blunt and rounded at the tip to stab effectively, while most stabbing versions are too thin and not rounded enough to chop. This version allows you to use the swords in all methods of attack: chopping, stabbing, slicing and slashing.

The Stabber is mainly used for piercing opponents. The narrower blade and sharper tip facilitate this. These blades are good for stabbing and slicing, but sacrifice some chopping ability. You will notice that the top edge of the blade (the spine) is also angled downward. This give the sword more piercing power as the tip is in alignment with the handle and wrist. This is very similar to how they made the swords in the Red Boat (war) era of Wing Chun's history. These are lighter and faster than the choppers. Our 12" stabber was based on a historical triangular design rather than using one of the ugly modern rectangles that had no precedent in historical China (and are just a low cost manufacturing innovation).


These are true full tang swords. The handle and the blade are one solid piece. It is impossible for the blade to ever become loose (a very common thing with all of the other swords on the market). You can actually see the tang sandwiched between the wood of the handle - so you know for sure you are getting what you paid for. Most "full tang" swords are only a partial tang and/or only have a very thin stip of metal in the handle. This is a professional full bodied full tang sword.

The Fit:

The other key component, that most martial artists are not sophisticated enough to know about, is the fit. The blade fits through the front of the D Guard (the hilt) perfectly, a true custom fit worthy of $3,500 swords. You won't see this on any of the other production models out there because it is too difficult and expensive to do. This means a lot to designers, sword enthusiasts and knife folks. To knowledgable folks these swords would go for a much higher price because they recognize the value and will pay for what martial artists cannot afford.


Although the tip is pointed, the final edge-sharpening stage of the knife production process has been omitted to reduce the chances of injury during practice on the Unsharpened models. On the sharpened models the blade has been sharpened to a fine edge. Please refer to your local laws on the legality of owning sharpened blades in your area.


Hollow Grind - The 440C and sharpened hollow-grind D2 blades have a wide, attractive hollow grind, with a deep functional fuller - labor intensive design elements normally found only on expensive, custom made swords. This grind is best for sword vs flesh applications in real life, but we use it because we think it makes the swords look great.

Lenticular Grind - Some of the D2 blades have a lenticular grind. This is a historical grind that is best for weapon vs weapon contact. The unsharpened versions are ideal for hard training applications. The sharpened versions are not AS sharp as the hollow-grind swords, but are extremely sharp and functional.

Fuller - There is a deep, functional fuller (aka 'blood groove') on the each side of each blade. A fuller helps impart rigidity to the blade, lighten it and make it easier for the target to bleed out. Contrary to popular belief, it is not to stop a vacuum from keeping the blade stuck in an opponent. Throughout history, swords have been made with no fuller, a fuller on one side, a fuller on both sides, or more than one fuller per side. They did not see much use on ordinary Chinese butterfly swords, but we think the feature adds to the aesthetic of the design and improves the blade.

Tapers - Profile and distal tapers have been added to all blades for balance and function.

Blade Length:

Blade lengths were primarily determined by our survey. Each lineage measures the blade differently. Historically each blade was custom made to the practitioner, but that is not possible outside of full custom swords.

The 12" (or shorter) blade length is good for the lineages that flip the swords to the inside of their arms in the Guan Sao and Quan Sao movements. With longer blades they would either cut their opposite arm or have to open their elbows too much, thus give up valuable time and power generation in the movements. This 12" blade length is actually close to the longest traditional length for Wing Chun. This shorter version of the blade is rooted in the Red Boat days, when the swords had to be tucked into a boot for concealment.

The 14" blades are mostly from the pre-Wing Chun era and are used in other Southern Shaolin styles. They can only be used on the outside of the forearm and go all the way past the elbow on most people under 6 feet tall. They also prevent many common Wing Chun techniques from being properly executed, but that is really something that is lineage specific. If your lineage measures the blade from the wrist to the outside of the elbow, then these are for you.

The 13" blades were made for specific lineages that require a 13" blade, as some historical chopper designs were this length.

Handle Angle, D- Guard, Quillon, and Handle Material:

The first thing you will notice is that the the handle is angled down to accommodate both versions of use - chopping and stabbing - as well as to facilitate use in the reverse grip effectively and comfortably. Again, this is pretty unique. These ergonomic handles were actually made illegal in Hong Kong during Ip Man's time due to the extra power one could generate with the sword. This design increases power and comfort for thrusting due to alignment of the wrist. This is also more comfortable for chopping strikes, and provides greater speed and torque resulting in increased power.

The knuckle-bow has been designed to be a slim line protective fit that is good for all hand sizes and can withstand heavy blows from incoming weapons. We managed to retain a knucklebow curve for additional strength during defense or bashing. High quality AISI 304 steel was used.

These swords are also excellent in flipping ability. They just naturally flip back and forth smoothly, due to the balance and quillion design. This is something you do not find normally, and especially not on swords with a quillon designed to trap weapons. We went through a lot of prototypes trying to get this balance of flipping and trapping just right, and we think you will be pleased with the outcome.

The handle is made from stabilized wood and is pinned and glued to a full tang, so it will not crack or warp over time. Most inexpensive woods used for imported sword handles are affected by humidity-induced expansion and contraction. This stabilized wood product is far more resistant. The slimline style handle is ergonomically designed to be comfortable and reduce the odds of slippage. We chose to use a full handle instead of a half handle, because in this day and age having a better grip on the sword during training and/or combat is more important than slipping both swords into one sheath or holding both swords in one hand. The full handle feels better to use and causes less training accidents. We went through a lot of designs and prototypes before finalizing the carefully shaped design. It is the most comfortable and hand friendly design of ours yet, preferable even to that used in our original integral sword. While it is a full-sized handle rather than a slim-line or 2-in-1 you can still sheath two knives next to each other (but be careful not to scrape and scratch the handles).


After being forged, the 440C swords are hand-ground, tempered and polished to a glossy, limited production grade finish. The D2 blades are made with a stain finish.

A note on mirror finishes: 440C, especially this good German quality, will take an absolutely perfect mirror finish. We don't intend to do it on these $900 per pair knives; we do expect very fine scratching; thus the "glossy" finish. Custom knife maker Mark Waite can do a perfect mirror finish for about $3,800 a pair. Real mirror finishing is about a twelve step process and a main reason why true US made custom blades are so expensive. It goes through a progression of grits, and if any one is imperfect (one scratch) the entire polish process has to repeat from that step. It requires an American or European sense of quality control to detect it at the end of that step. These swords use about three or four steps. A lot of Western full custom knife makers put a satin finish on their knives (a "hand rubbed finish") to save the expense of a serious polishing job, and these are full custom priced knives each a fraction of the size of one of our blades. You should be able to see your reflection, but not a bathroom mirror reflection - rather a reflection as though looking in a piece of glossy steel.

THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW before ordering:

1) Customers (you) must check with your local laws to determine the legality of all items ordered. Everything Wing Chun, LLC is not responsible for any items seized by customs and will not knowingly make shipments to countries where any items are illegal.
By placing an order, you are representing to Everything Wing Chun that the products ordered are lawful in your local jurisdiction and that you will use the products in compliance with all applicable laws. Customer accepts full responsibility and costs for all customs fees. Everything Wing Chun will not replace or refund any sword confiscated by local authorities or customs agents. To date we've not seen any swords confiscated. If you are in Australia we know you need a permit for swords (even when not sharp), but you might be able to have them delivered to a local knife shop. All swords, unless otherwise noted, are shipped as blunt display weapons, which technically they are.

2) These are handmade. There will be slight imperfections on most swords. For example, you might have a little black mark on the D-Guard, or around where handle attached; slight variations in weight (we tried to match the swords within 10 grams), the quillion shape won't match 100%, etc. These type of things are NOT defects. It is the result of humans making and shaping every aspect of the sword. These imperfections, when they exist, have already been priced into these swords. It is the main reason these are $400 swords and not $1000 swords as they should be. The price is very good for the quality you will receive.

3) Plain Language Disclaimer: You won't sue us for anything related to using these swords for any reason what-so ever. If you drop one on your foot, chop a friends finger off, poke your eye out, or the swords break and you get hurt - or whatever - you agree that is your own fault and won't hold us responsible. That includes Everything Wing Chun, Aaron Cantrell, Jeffrey Modell, Modell Design LLC, or any members, other persons, entities, associates, suppliers or resellers. See the bottom of the page for the full legal disclaimer.


Binding Agreement: The terms of this Agreement govern your purchase and/or possession of the product (and all transferees), which is a pair of Butterfly Swords (hereafter the term _ProductÓ refers to one or both swords, as applicable). If you had no opportunity to review these terms prior to purchase or receipt and decline to be bound, return the Product to your seller or transferor immediately.

Assumption of Risk, Indemnity, Representations: This Product is a real weapon (even if the edge is blunt) and therefore inherently dangerous at all times. Do not use (as used herein _useÓ and its variations include but are not limited to martial arts practice, demonstrations, combat, cleaning, transport, display, other storage and possession) except after proper training, under expert supervision, and with great care. Do not use for two-person training. If the edge is sharp, use for display purposes only. You understand that using the Product is an inherently dangerous activity. You voluntarily assume the risk of all personal injury (including but not limited to maiming and death of self and others) and damages resulting from use of the Product for training, combat or otherwise. You hereby agree to release and hold harmless (i) Everything Wing Chun, LLC and its member(s), owner(s), and personnel (_EWCÓ), Aaron Cantrell, (ii) Modell Design LLC, its member(s), owner(s) and personnel, Jeffrey D. Modell, and (iii) their supplier(s) and reseller(s) (hereafter _UsÓ), from any and all liability and negligence resulting in personal injuries, death or damages, losses, fees and expenses, including actual attorneysź fees, arising from use of the Product (_DamagesÓ). For example, if you stab yourself cleaning or practicing with them, drop one on your foot, chop a friendźs finger off, poke your eye out, the swords break and you get hurt, a child picks them up and gets hurt, or whatever, you agree that is your own fault and won't hold Us responsible. This Agreement clearly and unambiguously exculpates Us from even our own negligence and the consequences thereof, but not gross negligence or intentional misbehavior.

In plain language, assuming we are not grossly negligent or evil, you wonźt sue Us successfully for injury or damages resulting from the swords for any reason what-so-ever, and we really mean it. Your sole remedy for problems is the Limited Warranty below.

You represent to Us that (i) you are at least 18 years of age, (ii) the Product is lawful in your local jurisdiction, (iii) you will use the Product in compliance with all applicable laws, and (iv) you will not to loan or transfer the Product to anyone who does not agree to be bound by the provisions of this Agreement. You agree to indemnify, defend, and hold Us harmless from any and all Damages arising from or related to your breach of these representations.

Limited Warranty: The only warranty on this product is a Limited Warranty against defects in materials and workmanship from EWC in lieu of all other warranties, express or implied, including fitness for any intended use, subject to the following terms and conditions. The Limited Warranty extends for 30 days from the date of purchase. If you purchased this product directly from EWC, EWC will replace, repair, or refund the price paid, the option at its discretion. These are the only remedies for any warranty claim or other claim, including but not limited to Damages, available from Us; provided, however, if you purchased this product from an authorized reseller, we will recommend they offer a similar 30 day Limited Warranty protection. Your claim must include original proof of purchase showing seller, price and date of purchase.

Not Product Defects: This product was made by hand. Normal variations in construction, appearance and weight that are characteristic of the materials or hand work are not defects. Minor pitting is normal for our cast and hot drop forged D Guards and hot drop forged integral swords. High carbon steel and good stainless steel can corrode, pit, rust and tarnish. Water and humid conditions promote these. Never store a knife or sword in or near a leather sheath as the tanning acids or vapors can cause rapid corrosion. Brass tarnishes over time. The handle scales are a wood product and therefore can expand or contract when exposed to varying humidity and temperature (though, depending on the materials used, they may have been stabilized with glue or resin reducing the impact). The above are natural characteristics of the workmanship or materials and not product defects.

Advice on Care:
These are high-end swords made with weapons grade stainless or _semi-stainlessÓ steel that will rust absent proper care. We recommend cleaning them with rubbing alcohol after each use or touch, waxing with Renaissance Wax (or a similar non-acidic wax) as needed, and periodically stripping, cleaning and re-waxing them. Keep dry and do not store in damp or humid area, or in direct sunlight. For more info read the full article Combating Rust on Swords at http://www.everythingwingchun.com/Articles.asp?ID=... ( June 28, 2011).

Neglect: Blade tests shown on Everything Wing Chun's website are dangerous and should not be duplicated. Any knife/sword can be broken or damaged if subjected to sufficient abuse. These destructive tests CONSTITUTE GROSS ABUSE OF A SWORD and will void all warranties.

Law and Forum: This Agreement is governed by the laws of the State of Wyoming, USA without regard to its conflict of law rules, and any dispute shall be finally resolved by the courts of the State of Wyoming. You agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of said state.

Blue Pencil Clause: If any provision herein is held to be unenforceable, then this Agreement shall be construed or deemed amended to the extent necessary to render the otherwise unenforceable provision, and the rest of the Agreement, valid and enforceable. If a court declines to so construe or amend this Agreement, the invalidity or unenforceability of any provision(s) of this Agreement shall not affect the validity or enforceability of the remaining provisions, which shall be enforced as if the offending provision(s) had not been included in this Agreement.