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[SOLD OUT!] Wing Chun Butterfly Swords: PREMIUM v1 - Hybrid 12 D2 - HG Sharp
Wing Chun Butterfly Swords - Premium Line - Hybrid 12" Blade - D2 HG - Sharp

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This model has a D2 tool steel, Hybrid style blade with a hollow grind. (SHARP) Premium Line of straight-handled full hidden tang swords. Learn More >>
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Product Code: Z-BJD-EWC-MID-H12-D2-HG-S

Description Disclaimers / Warranty
Wing Chun Butterfly Swords - Premium Series
(a.k.a. Wing Chun Butterfly Knives, Bart Jarm Do, Bot Jaam Dao, Hudiedao)

If you want some of the highest quality Wing Chun swords on the market today, then look no further! These are some of the best BJD on the market today. All of these swords are made in extremely limited quantities. At this time there are no plans to make more.

Specific Specs For This Sword:

For more info please read our blog post: Everything Wing Chun Butterfly Swords Guide

Series: Premium Line.

Blade Style: Hybrid Blade
Blade Length: Approx 12 in. (30.5cm)
Blade Steel: High Quality German D2 Tool Steel
Blade Grind: Wide Hollow Grind
Blade Sharpness: Very Sharp.
Blade Finish: Satin
Blade Ricasso/Choil: These swords have a Ricasso.
Blade Fuller: These swords have a fully functional fuller (blood groove).
Blade Tapers: These swords have profile and distal tapes for improved function and balance.

Tang: Welded Tang (hidden). (It is a very strong tang).
D-Guard Metal: AISI 304 Stainless Steel.
Knuckle-Bow: Flagship Rounded/Curved Slimline

Handle Material: Black/Silver Laminated Stabilized Wood (designed to prevent cracking over time).
Handle Angle/Alignment: Straight Handle. Aligned to tip and spine for more powerful chopping and stabbing.
Handle Shape: Bellied Ergonomic.
Handle Type: Full Handles
Flipping vs Trapping: Quillon is designed for both: Sword can easily and comfortably be flipped and held in a reverse grip. It also traps well.

Sword Measurements: Overall approx 16 3/4" inches. Blade approx 12 inches. Belly approx 2 5/8th inches. Base approx 2.25 inches. Handle approx 4.5 inches.
Sword Weight: Combat Weight - Each sword weighs approx 760 g (or 1.67 lbs) on average (this weight will vary because different blade steels are used, and all blades are hand made/ground). Paired swords are generally within 10 grams (0.35 oz) of each other. Because they are hand made, sword pairs can vary in weight up to approx 50 grams in either direction.

Notes: These swords are hand-made. No two swords are perfectly identical. Small variations in the measurements are typical. Please read #2 under "Things you should know" and "Not Product Defects" under the warranty for more information.

Case/Sheath: Technically, these blades do not have a sheath. We recently had some made for these swords and they are offered as free gifts and are given to you "as-is". Blades that are sharp come with a leather sheath that have a nylon interior. Blunt blades come with a cheap nylon sheath. One should not store swords in leather sheaths long term because the chemicals in leather can corrode/tarnish metal.

Premium Line:

The Premium line of EWC's swords is a (small) step down from the Flagship line. The main differences are 1) A lower price due to a less labor intensive construction 2) The tang is a hidden tang that runs inside the handle 3) We use a straight handle, not an angled handle. 3) Overall they are a just little lighter. Otherwise they are the same high-quality swords as the flagship line.

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