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DOWNLOAD: Sifu Sergio - Special Topics 02: Past and Present - Double
Sifu Sergio Iadarola - Past and Present - 2 DVD Set

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Use techniques from the past to prevail in the present! And become a more complete martial artist today! Learn More >>
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Sifu Sergio Iadarola - Past and Present - 2 DVD Set

Use techniques from the past to prevail in the present! And become a more complete martial artist today!

DVD Contents:

The Past DVD: Wing Tjun Higher, Middle and Lower Gate.
  • The neck pulling hand technique
  • The circling step technique
  • The once secret heel throwing technique
  • The five stages of learning
  • The Gwai Ma technique
  • The devastating upward elbow technique from the Saam Pai Fat Form

The Present DVD: Street-fighting Techniques

  • Flight or fight syndrome
  • Adrenaline
  • Parts of the IWKA RFP Program
  • The Lap Sao and foot stamping technique
  • Where to hit to KO your opponent
  • The trigger word strategy

Series Description:

Dear Friend,

I packed this special double DVD box set -shot in China - full of very effective Wing Tjun techniques developed over hundreds of years by China's best masters.

These techniques are taken out of the curriculum of the IWKA programs and have been put together to really improve YOUR SKILL.

But don't take my word for it. Experience it for yourself and start learning these techniques today!

Find out why many of my students have asked me to reconsider, telling me not to put this material on this DVD.

Don't forget that acquiring this knowledge has cost me years of hard training and literally thousands of US Dollars. Just think of it - airplane tickets, hotels, tuition fees etc.

But here is my offer: The price for this double box DVD at an all time low of and 119 EURO ($175 USD), so take advantage of this special offer today.


GM Sergio Iadarola

P.S. These DVDs reveal techniques that have been refined over thousands of years.
P.S.S - As you might have noticed, you get one of these DVDs for free.

Order now and improve your fighting skills forever.

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