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DOWNLOAD: Wayne Belonoha - Complete Wing Chun University Course Bundle
(Download Only!) - Wayne Belonoha - The Complete Wing Chun University Bundle - The Full Ving Tsun System

This bundle features the complete set of videos from Wayne Belonoha's 108 step Ving Tsun kung fu system featured at the Wing Chun University (WCU)! Grab them all and save 56%. Start learning the entire system today! Running Time 17 hours 18 mins. Resolution 720p HD Learn More >>
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Download Only

This bundle features the complete set of videos from Wayne Belonoha's 108 step Ving Tsun kung fu system featured at the Wing Chun University (WCU)! Grab them all and save 56%. Start learning the entire system today!

Running Time 17 hours 18 mins
Resolution 720p HD

Want to know if you should get Sifu Wayne's 2012 Wing Chun University bundle, his 2015 Blu-Ray-ray disk bundle or both (the Maximum Learning bundle)?

The WCU lessons take a fundamentally different approach to teaching in an effort to help you learn most effectively. Instead of following the curriculum step by step, the videos give an "A-la-Carte" approach. You can choose a subject and follow that subject only from the beginning of the system through to the end. The WCU provides shorter supplementary videos which provides the answers to the questions you will have while training plus those subtle corrections or details or perspectives to help with understanding and progress. And while the lessons on the Blu-ray disc also contain some of the supplementary materials, the WCU also has the flexibility to contain more detail about topics like philosophy, approach, strategy and mindset.

The Blu-Ray set is organized in 108 steps to mastery as traditionally taught. Topics tend to jump around more as the groundwork is laid and built upon over time.

To summarize the differences:

- The Blu-ray disc set is organized by step number whereas the WCU is organized by topic.
- The Blu-ray disc set provides the key information necessary to learn, understand, train and improve a skill. The WCU provides the same key information plus the required details needed to support your continued growth over the years.
- The Blu-Ray set is 1080p HD and 13 hours and 13 mins. The WCU set is 720p HD and 17 hours and 15 mins.

You can start with the Blu-Ray set and add-on the WCU set later cut up by steps to match the Blu-Ray set. Or you can buy the WCU set as is, and the Blu-Ray as is. Or you can save some more money and buy the combined set - WCU+Blu-Ray cut up and organized into 108 steps - this way you get all the info in the most comprehensive manner and given to you as it is traditionally taught.

Look for the bundled option that meets your needs.

Teacher: Sifu Wayne Belonoha
Lineage: Ip Man -> Moy Yat -> Sunny Tang -> Wayne Belonoha -> You
System: Ving Tsun System
Course: Complete 108 Step Moy Yat / Sunny Tang Ving Tsun System
Level: Complete System
Step/Lesson: Lessons 01a-49a
Topic: Complete System
Resolution: HD 720p (1280x720)

This bundle of lessons contains Sifu's Belonoha's complete curriculum. When you buy this bundle you get 56% off the normal video prices.

This bundle contains the following lessons (please see the individual videos for details and previews):
  • Lesson 01a - About Ving Tsun Kung Fu
  • Lesson 02a - Basic Training Stance
  • Lesson 03a - Chain Punching
  • Lesson 04a - Paak Da Block & Punch
  • Lesson 05a - Siu Nim Tau Form, Parts 1 & 2
  • Lesson 06a - Tan Da Block & Punch
  • Lesson 07a - Lap Da Block & Punch
  • Lesson 08a - Siu Nim Tau, Part 3
  • Lesson 09a - Circle Stepping
  • Lesson 10a - Siu Nim Tau, Parts 4 & 5
  • Lesson 11a - Shifting
  • Lesson 12a - Siu Nim Tau, Parts 6 & 7
  • Lesson 13a - Angling & Sectoring
  • Lesson 14a - Kicking
  • Lesson 14b - Kicking, Stepping, & Shifting
  • Lesson 15a - Bong Lap Da Drill
  • Lesson 16a - Single Hand Chi Sau
  • Lesson 17a - Single Hand Running & Catching
  • Lesson 18a - Double Hand Rolling (Poon Sau)
  • Lesson 19a - Lat Sau Jik Cheung
  • Lesson 20a - Double Hand Chi Sau, Basic Attacks and Defenses
  • Lesson 20b - Double Hand Chi Sau, Additional Attacks and Defenses
  • Lesson 20c - Double Hand Chi Sau, Additional Attacks
  • Lesson 20d - Double Hand Chi Sau, Additional Defenses
  • Lesson 20e - Double Hand Chi Sau, Unstoppables 1-6
  • Lesson 20f - Double Hand Chi Sau, Unstoppables 7-12
  • Lesson 21a - Pushing Horse Stance Training
  • Lesson 22a - Cham Kiu Form, Part 1
  • Lesson 23a - Two Step Maai Sang Jong
  • Lesson 24a - Cham Kiu Form, Part 2
  • Lesson 25a - Chi Geuk, Part 1
  • Lesson 25b - Chi Geuk, Part 2
  • Lesson 26a - Cham Kiu Form, Part 3
  • Lesson 27a - Biu Ji, Parts 1 & 2
  • Lesson 28a - Biu Ji, Parts 3 & 4
  • Lesson 29a - Biu Ji, Parts 5 & 6
  • Lesson 30a - Biu Ji, Parts 7 & 8
  • Lesson 31a - Biu Ji, Parts 9 & 10
  • Lesson 32a - Long Bridge Chi Sau
  • Lesson 33a - Maai Sang Jong
  • Lesson 34a - Wooden Dummy, Part 1a
  • Lesson 34b - Wooden Dummy, Part 1b
  • Lesson 35a - Wooden Dummy, Part 2
  • Lesson 36a - Wooden Dummy, Part 3
  • Lesson 37a - Wooden Dummy, Part 4
  • Lesson 38a - Wooden Dummy, Part 5
  • Lesson 39a - Wooden Dummy, Part 6
  • Lesson 40a - Wooden Dummy, Part 7 & 8
  • Lesson 41a - Battle Punches
  • Lesson 42a - Long Pole Drills
  • Lesson 43a - Long Pole Form, Parts 1 to 4
  • Lesson 44a - Long Pole Form, Parts 5 to 6.5
  • Lesson 45a - Sword Form, Part 1
  • Lesson 46a - Sword Form, Parts 2 & 3
  • Lesson 47a - Sword Form, Parts 4 & 5
  • Lesson 48a - Sword Form, Parts 6 & 7
  • Lesson 49a - Sword Form, Part 8

This course comes with a supplementary .pdf. Please check your Documents folder after downloading.
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