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HANGING BAG: [Unique!] Ultimate Kicking and Precision Striking Bag - Leather
Everything Wing Chun - Precision Striking and Kicking Bag - Leather

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This is a unique listing. This bag is a high-quality leather version of our kicking bag. It is awesome. We had this one hand made to be super-tough and hold up vs devastating kicks. It was the master prototype for all the later versions of this bag. Learn More >>
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Everything Wing Chun - Ultimate Hanging Bag - Kicking and Precision Striking - Leather

This is a unique listing. This bag is a hand-made high-quality leather version of our kicking bag. It is awesome. We had this one hand made to be super-tough and hold up vs devastating kicks. It was the master prototype for all the later versions of this bag.

The bag would be considered "slightly used" as we used it for testing. It was never used in a gym, or personal training or etc. But it was used and tested hard at EWC. the bag held up without any issues and looks fairly new. We reduced the price $50 due to this.

The top is open. To prevent things from leaking out you can stuff old clothes or etc in the top. But that is not really needed in most circumstances.

This was our favorite training bag and you will love training on this bag as well! Fists, feet, shins, hands, elbows, forearms and knees - you can train them all on one bag.

We originally designed this unique bag for shin conditioning and kicking (perfect for you Muay Thai guys as well as advanced Wing Chun guys), but found we loved hitting and elbowing it as well.


For kicking, the bag is designed to represent the thickness and density of a leg. You can fill the bag with rice, beans, or even sand for those advanced kickers who really want to train their shins to the next level.

You will find that after using this bag for a while that your shins will be much harder and more dense. Only the most advanced Muay Thai kickboxers might have shins as hard as yours. In MMA training I would occasionally leave my training partners bloody when I checked their shins. My shin and skin were so toughened that it would literally cut through their skin and bruise their bones - and this bag will help get your shins to the same level quickly. For the super-advanced guys out there you can double the bags up and fill them with BBs or steel ball bearings.

Precision Striking:

As a punching bag you will find that by raising the bottom of the bag to shoulder height you will have the perfect training tool. The compact and rounded bottom of the bag is a great simulation of a skull and allows you to practice hitting a rounded and dense surface that moves slightly back as a head would when struck. You will find it perfect for practicing a realistic chain punch blast, especially when it is filled with sand. Also, there is a D-Ring at the bottom of the bag to attach a bungee rope to. This gives the bag limited movement and can give it a slightly erratic movement as well - allowing you to practice your precision hitting on a slightly moving object that does not always move directly away from you.

The narrow profile of the bag makes it easy to apply all the different Wing Chun strikes to in a realistic fashion (Fun Sao, Bil Sao, etc). It is the same size as a neck or a head would be, and unlike the training "BOB" (that's the rubber guy) your hands don't bounce back after every strike - instead they are conditioned and trained to sink deep into your opponent.

At this height, the bag can be uppercut and kneed as well (if you remove the bottom D-ring). You should enjoy practicing elbows on this bag as you can practice the horizontal forward and back elbows, as well as the upward, and hacking elbows with a realistic target to condition you.

Overall, we have great fun training on this bag and feel that if you take the time to train on it, you'll end up loving it as well.

  • Height: Somewhere between 26 and 36 inches.
  • Circumference: Approx 54 cm (21.5 inches).
  • Diameter: Approx 15 cm (6 inches).
Recommended Fillings:

This bag is shipped empty to reduce shipping costs. We are commonly asked what to fill the bags with, so here are some current recommendations from the Wing Chun community at large. Please check with your teacher for his or her recommendation on filling your bag for your particular training. If you are just starting out, then filling the bag with rice or beans would be best as sand could injure your hand.

- Tossed sand grains (like those used in aquarium tanks)
- Sand (typically play sand)*
- Beans (soy, mung, or etc)
- Rice
- BBs or Ball Bearings (iron or steel - for very advanced shin conditioning only!!)

*When filling the bag with normal sand, you should put a couple of heavy duty plastic garbage bags inside the bag and then fill those with sand. This will help protect the canvas from being worn down by the sand and prematurely tearing or ripping.