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INTERNAL JOW: Plum Dragon - Flexibility (Tea/Wine) - 10oz of Herbs for 1 Gallon of Tea
Internal Jow - Plum Dragon - Flexibility (Tea/Wine) - (1 Gallon Herb Bag)

Herbs to make 1 Gallon of Tea/Wine. This simple but effective Flexibility herb pack was used in traditional Taoist Yoga and Ayurveda to help with flexibility training in yoga and martial arts. The Flexibility Pack is one of our most popular products and is used from yoga teachers to professional weight lifters. Vegetarian. Learn More >>
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Description Notices / Warranty
Internal Jow - Plum Dragon - Flexibility (Tea/Wine) - (10 oz of Herbs to make 1 Gallon of Tea)

This herb pack makes 1 gallon of tea/wine (3.875 liters). The Herbs have been ground up for you, you will not get the full herbs as shown in the picture. We also carry the external (jow/liniment) version of this formula. This version is for internal application only.

Type: Internal Jow / Tea / Wine

This simple but effective Flexibility herb pack was used in traditional Taoist Yoga and Ayurveda to help with flexibility training in yoga and martial arts. The Flexibility Pack is one of our most popular products and is used by everyone from yoga teachers to professional weightlifters.

Spasm relieving herbs smooth tension and keep muscle, tendon, and ligaments relaxed during exercises that challenge flexibility to aid in increasing limberness and flexibility; nutritive herbs help muscles and ligaments recover from stress and overstretching that is often part of an intensive training regimen; yang tonic herbs warm the joints, keeping tightness from impeding your training. With the Flexibility Pack, you can reach new levels with your flexibility. But remember...proper stretching is still the most important part of increasing flexibility and relaxation.

Flexibility Pack is made as tea or Training Wine (like dit da jow). See instructions below.

This product is sold as 2 separate packs of herbs, which will last approximately 20 days if used at the rate given below as a tea. The 2 Flexibility Packs will be packaged in a single bag. Vegetarian.

Quince, Hook Vine, Turmeric/Curcuma, Cinnamon Bark, White Peony, Licorice.

Vegan: This tea contains no animal or insect parts and is Vegan-friendly.

Herb Quality:

Sourced indigenously, our geo-authentic herbs are sulfur-free and lab-tested for potency. We stock the freshest, highest quality herbs for your tea.

Below are directions for BREWING YOUR INTERNAL JOW HERB PACK, as well as some pointers to ensure that it comes out as best as possible:


  • For tea, add 1 pack to as much as 1 gallon of water (less water produces a smaller amount of stronger tea).
  • Bring to a boil, then simmer for 40 minutes and strain the herbs.
  • Store the tea in the refrigerator.
  • You may add a small amount of honey for flavor.
  • DRINK: 1/2 cup (4 oz or 0.11 L) three times per day when used as a "remedy", once per day when used longer term as more of a tonic.

  • Open both bags and empty the herbs into a 1 gallon (or larger) GLASS container. PlumDragon herb packs come pre-prepared - necessary grinding, crushing, processing, frying, etc is already done. The herbs should come to you in a roughly ground state.
  • Fill your container with vodka, whisky, brandy, rice wine, or a 50/50 mix of everclear and spring water. You may warm the alcohol before adding it to the herbs; we make some of our formulas this way. We prefer making this wine with slightly lower alcohol content, so feel free to cut your alcohol between 30-40% so that the end result is only about 20% alcohol.
  • Store the container in a dark place at room temperature as some ingredients can break down with excessive exposure to light or extreme temperatures. Shake your jar on occasion.
  • The herbs will have soaked up some of the liquid after a day and the level will be lower. Feel free to top off your 1 gallon jar with spring water and reseal.
  • You should allow a very minimum of 3 months for the aging process - Traditionally, this wine is made one year and consumer the next. We also recommend that you do not strain off the herbs at that time, but leave them in the jar to continue aging.
  • DRINK: This tonic is traditionally consumed in 1 oz quantities on cool evenings, or alternatively every evening during intense training. Some people like to take Spring Wine every day, all year around, others a few times a week only during the Spring months. With use, you will determine what is best for you and your body.
  • If you are sick (viral or bacterial infections such as flu, common cold, strep, etc etc) do not use Spring Wine until you are healthy again. Pregnant and nursing women should not use this product.
  • Sping Wine is an herbal product for internal use. We make no claims about this product's interaction with medication or diet and recommend you see a qualified medical practitioner if you have any questions relating to these types of interactions.