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(Download Only!) - Ian Protheroe - Wing Chun Rattan Ring DVD (PAL Format)
Ian Protheroe - Rattan Ring DVD

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Ian Protheroe - Wing Chun Rattan Ring DVD

Sifu Protheroe has been a practitioner and advocate of the rattan ring for over 25 years.

This DVD is an edited version of two, three-hour seminars on the ring by Sifu Ian Protheroe. It runs for over 2.5 hours and covers basics, training drills, practical forms and a series of exercises for the Rattan Ring.

As it was recorded “live” the audio quality is not that great but the overall content is priceless. A welcome addition to anyone interested in Wing Chun’s rattan Ring.

This DVD is in PAL format. It will play on about 85% of n. American DVD players/TVs and on all computers. Make sure your player/TV supports PAL if you must watch it on a TV.

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