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Jon Rister - Mook Yan Jong Fa (Wooden Dummy Form)
Jon Rister - Mook Yan Jong Fa (Wooden Dummy Form)

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Jon Rister - Mook Yan Jong Fa (Wooden Dummy Form)

Considered as one of the most advanced forms in Wing Chun training, the wooden dummy form teaches how to angle, move, control, and strike an opponent in the openings and the gaps in such a way that you are always maintaining the central line position.

In this instructional DVD, Sifu Jon Rister explains the wooden dummy form as taught to him by Sifu Francis Fong, one of the top Wing Chun masters.

This DVD comes in a paper sleeve from Sifu Rister, not a DVD case. TRT 44 mins

Sifu Jon Rister is a Wing Chun instructor under Sifu Francis Fong and has been teaching since 1987. He is also a certified senior associate instructor in Kali-Eskrima under Tuhon Dan Inosanto, as well as an instructor in Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do under Sifuís Dan Inosanto and the late Larry B. Hartsell.
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