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Joseph Simonet - Extreme Combat Training Volume 2: Stick Training for Personal Self-Defense
Extreme Combat Training Volume 2: Stick Training for Personal Self-Defense

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Joseph Simonet - Extreme Combat Training Volume 2: Stick Training for Personal Self-Defense

Looking for a practical stick-fighting program to add to your self-defense arsenal? In volume two of this exclusive video series, lifelong martial artist and best-selling author Joseph Simonet shows you how to maximize the unarmed skills and tactics learned in volume one by adding the powerful new dynamic of stick striking strategies. This video will arm you with the fighting skills and confidence you need to prevail in a variety of combat situations. Using both single- and two-hand stick fighting tactics, Simonet covers close-quarter confined-space training, the use of improvised weapons, tactics for defending against multiple attackers, and how to develop the instinct needed to viciously and decisively end any conflict. Protect yourself, your home, and your family by putting together your own personalized extreme combat stick-training program.

66 minutes
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