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KEYCHAIN: Wing Chun Plum Flower
Keychain - Wing Chun Plum Flower

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Wing Chun Plum Flower keychain made from silver plated bronze. Learn More >>
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Keychain - Wing Chun Plum Flower

This keychain is part of a set of five. The maker wanted to make a high-quality item that would last and represented the martial art well.

This set includes some of the most popular Wing Chun Kung Fu symbols such as the Snake and Crane, the Baat Jaam Do swords, the Plum Blossom, the Vertical Fist, and the Wing Chun Ideograms.

They are intended for all Wing Chun kung fu practitioners, regardless of lineage*.

Keychain material : Silver Plated Bronze
Dimensions are :
Height : 38 mm
Width : 31 mm
Thickness 3.5 mm
Weight : Approx 30g (1oz)

*The plum flower is not associated with lineage. Moy Yat and other Wing Chun sifus took the plum flower for part of their logo, but it was a symbol pre-existing within Wing Chun and Chinese culture. It basically means, "strength in the face of adversity", as it is a flower that blooms in winter.

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