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[SOLD OUT!] LONG POLE: Bruce Bao - Heavy Hopea (Giam) Iron Wood - 93 inches
Bruce Bao - Long Pole - Iron Wood - 2.73m (107.5 in) (Varnished)

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This long pole is made from Heavy Hopea (Giam) Ironwood. (Janka Rating of about 2250 pounds of force!) It is approx. 1.57 inches at the base and 1.18 inches at the tip. Learn More >>
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Bruce Bao - Long Pole - Iron Wood

These poles were longer, but we had them cut down 11 inches to be 93 inches (236 cm) so that they could be shipped for a normal price (and not incur the $240+ max shipping charge for long items). They do cost slightly more due to this, but now ship for FREE! (to the USA). If you are looking for a good pole, and can train with a shorter pole, then this is a great option.

This long pole is made from Heavy Hopea (Giam) Ironwood. (Janka Rating of about 2250 pounds of force!) Heavy Hopea is found growing throughout Southeast Asia and Papua New Guinea. Trees are reported to grow upwards of 45m in height, with trunks reaching 120cm in diameter or more. Heavy Hopea is commonly used in boat building and marine construction, domestic and commercial flooring, decking, heavy construction, joinery, mine timbers, wharf construction, building and construction, handles and sporting goods.

Length: 2.36 m // 93 Inches
Weight: approx 4-6 lbs (1.8 - 2.7 kgs), but it does fluctuate some based on density.
Diameter (approximate): 1.57 inches (4cm) at handle gradually tapered to 1.18 inch at tip (3 cm). 1.5 to 1 inch is also common. These measurements are approximate as each pole is hand made and slightly different.

- This pole is Varnished for maximum protection.
- This pole was professionally dried to maintain correct moisture and minimize cracking.
- This pole is hand-crafted.
- The wood for this pole was legally harvested.
- The wood resistant to rot.

This pole is great for exercises (heavy), form work, partner pole work, work with swords, etc. This is not really suitable for smash training.

Many of the poles have minors scuffs, marks or cosmetic blemishes. This is to be expected. Obviously, we would prefer to receive these poles in perfect condition from the maker, but it never happens. So just be forewarned if you expect perfection. It shouldn't be a big deal because as soon as you start using the pole for training it will get scuffed up anyway.

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