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(Download Only!) - Lamar Davis - Original Jeet Kune Do Complete 6/20 - Hand & Leg Defense
Lamar Davis - Original Jeet Kune Do Complete 6/20 - Hand & Leg Defense

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Volume 6 - Hand & Leg Defense

Although offense takes precedence over defense in Jeet Kune Do, you must also learn the most efficient ways to defend against various strikes. Jeet Kune Do prefers the parry, or the redirection of incoming force, as opposed to the block, which uses physical force against physical force to defend. Since the strike is prevalent over defense, we have what is known as Lin Sil Die Dar, or simultaneous defense and attack. Rather than block, then strike, as taught in most martial arts, Jeet Kune Do prefers to do both simultaneously, which is much faster and far more efficient. Most of the hand defense movements of Jeet Kune Do come from the Wing Chun Gung Fu system. Bruce Lee modified these movements somewhat, but they are still easily recognized as coming from Wing Chun. You will also learn to use your legs to jam an opponent's attack, as well as literally attack the opponent's attack or forward advance. All useful skills to have in a street altercation!

Basic Defensive Theory
Parrying vs. Blocking
Defensive Zones & Perimeters
Explanation of Wu Sao & Mon Sao
Pak Sao & Applications
Tan Sao & Applications
Bong Sao & Applications
Goang Sao & Applications
Fook Sao & Applications
Jum Sao & Applications
Kwun Sao & Applications
Gaun Sao & Applications
Lin Sil Die Dar
Tan Da, Woang Pak Da, Ouy Ha Pak Da, Loy Ha Pak Da, Goang Da
Sliding Leverage
Chung Chuie, Bil Jee, Fook Da
Shoulder Stop
Evasive Tactics (Slip, Duck, Bob & Weave, Snapback, Shoulder Roll)
Stop Kicking
Lead Leg Jam
Reverse Pendulum

Resolution*: 634 x 480
Running Time Approx: 1 hours 47 mins

*This video comes from a VHS converted to DVD converted to Digital. Every effort was made to keep the quality high and at DVD resolution but there was not a lot of editing so you may see static and VHS commands on the screen - especially at the beginning and end of the video.


This instructional video series on Bruce Lee's Original Jeet Kune Do was in the making over a long period of time. My goal was to present the most in-depth and complete guide to training in Bruce Lee's fighting methods ever completed. What resulted was this twenty volume set. It was originally filmed on VHS, then later converted to DVD when VHS suddenly found itself outdated. What will never become outdated, however, is the material shown and taught on these videos. The material taught and demonstrated on these videos comes from all three of Bruce Lee's major schools in the United States (Seattle, Oakland and L.A. Chinatown). It is by far the most complete presentation of this material, and will probably remain so for all of time! It represents my life's work in Jun Fan Gung Fu and Jeet Kune Do, and will stand for all of time as my body of work to preserve Bruce Lee's original teaching, training and fighting methods. I hope you find this material useful (and entertaining), and that you can get something from it that may one day save your life or the life of a loved one! If that happens, then it has served its purpose! - Sifu Lamar M. Davis II

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