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RATTAN RING: MasterPath - 12 inches
Wing Chun Training Ring - Rattan - 12 Inch Ring

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This is a Wing Chun Rattan Ring (Inner diameter 12 inches). Learn More >>
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Wing Chun Training Ring - Rattan - 12 Inch Ring

Most commonly used for Wing Chun, these rings help teach the practitioner to keep their hands properly linked in attacks and defense.

Rattan Rings have a distinguished place in Chinese martial arts. The rattan ring has been an integral part of the Wing Chun system for many centuries. The construction of the ring provides some resistance to your motions similar to the arms of the wooden dummy. When training with the ring it is important to maintain a constant flow between hand shapes. The shoulders should always be relaxed and down.

The ring is mainly employed as a tool to develop advanced Wing Chun skills by helping you in learning to use your arms in a confined space keeping your elbows on the center line and giving extra power to your techniques . It also improves the relaxation of your shoulders, a key aspect for every Wing Chun practitioner.

If you don't now how to use these rings, you can ask your Wing Chun instructor. Or check out Sifu Tyler Rea's books or course (at www.WingChunUniversity.com).


12" Ring:
Outside Diameter: 13.5 inches (34.3 cm)
Inside Diameter: 12 inches (30.4 cm)
Thickness: 3/4 inch (1.9 cm)
Weight: TBD (Estimated 5 oz)

Material : Rattan

What size ring should I get?

A quick way to find your ideal starting size is to measure from the inside of your wrist to the pocket of your elbow. Something about that size is good to start with according to most teachers. You can use bigger or smaller rings once you are proficient or if you want to focus on one of the following. According to Sifu Tyler Rea:

- Training with a Large Ring minimizes the range of retraction possible in the arms forcing them to remain beyond the body and extended during training. This detail also forces the body mass and torso core to be the active initiator of movement through the Toe Ma and Bik Ma stepping as well as the Quintessential Cheun Ma Stance turn which is at the heart of Wing Chun's ballistic body mass rotation.

- Training with a Smaller Ring immediately unites the interaction of the Arms and back specifically the Scapula. Due to the smaller circumference the arms have the ability to obliquely expand and contract during moments with the Back, enhancing the interaction and cultivation of Float, Sink , Swallow and Spit powers during training

Both of these training approaches yield the cultivation of unique skills regardless of which a practitioner begins with or chooses to focus on. Generally each is dependent on what size ring you choose.