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[SPECIAL ORDER] SWORDS: Ultimate Saber - Blunt
Ultimate Saber - Custom Series 2016 Blunt

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Special Order this high-quality battle-ready saber. This sword is absolutely fantastic and are arguably the best saber on the market today. This one has a blunt edge. Learn More >>
List Price: $1,200.00
Our Price: $875.00
You save $325.00!

Availability: Usually Ships in 3-5 MONTHS
Product Code: BJD-MOD_SABER01-B

Description Notices / Warranty
Ultimate Saber - Custom Series

Special Order: This is a sold-out model. When you order it here we will have the forge remake this model and ship it directly to your door - the wait time is currently 3-5 months. The price, while expensive, is still a fraction of the cost to get this high-quality sword made anywhere else (the next cheapest forge we can find is over 2x as much and based in India). Your order will include shipping to your door, but not any VAT/Border/Import taxes.
This sword was made for a client that wanted a high-quality saber, something he was unable to find on the market. The prototyping and final production took almost 2 years to complete. If you want a high-quality saber, then grab one of these while we are still offering to make them!

A comment from the customer we produced this saber for, "... I am happy with the final product. I think we have created something the martial arts world has been lacking for a long time. I believe that these are by far and away the finest Sabers available anywhere in the world. Thanks again for all of your and Jeffrey's help in creating them."

Specific Specs For These Swords:
Series: Custom Line

Blade Style: Ox Tail Saber
Blade Length: Approx 26 inches (66 cm)

Blade Steel: High-Quality D2 Tool Steel
Blade Grind: Custom
Blade Sharpness: Blunt 1mm edge or "combat sharp" (not razor sharp). (see product name)
Blade Finish: Matte
Blade Ricasso/Choil: These swords have a Ricasso.
Blade Fuller: These swords have a fully functional fuller (blood groove).
Blade Tapers: These swords have profile and distal tapers for improved function and balance.

Tang: American Full (exposed).
Bolster (Pommel/Hilt) Metal: AISI 304 Stainless Steel.

Handle Material: Black/Blue Canvas Micarta
Handle Angle/Alignment: Straight Handle. Aligned to tip and spine for more powerful chopping and stabbing.
Handle Shape: Bellied Ergonomic.
Handle Type: Full Handles. The handles are thick and might be hard to hold for someone with smaller hands.

Approximated Sword Measurements:
Overall 33.5 inches. Blade 26.5 inches. Belly 2.25 inches. Base 1.57 inches. Handle 6-inch grip.

Approximated Sword Weight: Combat Weight - Average 1200 grams (2.64 lbs)

Notes: These swords are hand-made. No two swords are perfectly identical. Small variations in the measurements are typical. Please read #2 under "Things you should know" and "Not Product Defects" under the warranty for more information.

Case/Sheath: These blades come with a FREE leather sheath ($50). We are providing it for free and there are no replacements available. It is given AS-IS, not all are 100% perfect. Sheaths should be used for transportation only, not storage.
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