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SPRING-ARM DUMMY: BudoTec - Chi Sao Device - Wall Mount (Profi Black Line)
BudoTec - Chi Sao Device - Wall Mount (Profi Black Line)

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The new Profi Black Line makes BudoTec's top-quality products affordable to everyone! The Wing Chun Chi Sao Device (Profi Black Line) Wall Mount makes it possible for beginners to use the basic Wing Chun techniques, as well as allowing advanced practitioners to train and perfect more complex techniques and Chi Sao exercises. This device is best for people that want to use their own wall bag as a striking surface. Learn More >>
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BudoTec - Chi Sao Device - Wall Mount (Profi Black Line)

NOTE: The new Profi Black Line makes BudoTec's top-quality products affordable to everyone! The main difference in the regular Budo Tec devices and the Profi Black Line, are as follows: 1) Price 2) No Center placement for an arm. 3) The way the arms attach to the device. The goal was to produce a product in similar quality to the high-end versions in every regard, but via cheaper production methods - which was accomplished.

-- This version of the Chi Sao device is meant to be mounted under an existing wall bag. --

Chi Sao requires continuous training, but unfortunately there is often no training partner for you to hone your skills with. With Budo-Tec's Chi Sao device, it is now possible to train Chi Sao at any time you feel like it! The counter pressure the arms give back corresponds to the forces which occur in real Chi Sao partner training.

This device is designed for specific Wing Tsun / Wing Chun Chi Sao training.

Budo-Tec guarantees your Chi Sao training will be better on their equipment than any other "similar" training dummy. It is the best for cleanly executed techniques, developing powerful punches, using footwork, and for developing the needed looseness in technique.

The training on this equipment promotes a high degree of Chi Sao ability making it a highly efficient training device for advanced students. Every arm unit is fitted with springs which were specially produced for these devices and correspond to the impacting forces of an average adult student. The impact of these forces trains the muscles specific to Wing Chun in particular, your stance is strengthened and the principles of Wing Chun, i.e. the receiving and redirecting of the opposite force, are strongly promoted. This results in a very real training experience.

The Wing Chun Chi Sao device was constructed for school and home use. The arms can be removed and put away. The board remains fastened to the wall. The training device can therefore be used in very small spaces.

- Each CHI SAO Device is made of high quality steel and the best beech wood.
- Due to the high requirements, all springs are produced specifically for these devices.
- The arms are 50 cm long (19.7 in) and slightly angled upwards. The result is an optimal optimal starting position. Diameter = 50mm (1.96 inches)
- The training on the Chi Sao Board is almost silent and therefore perfectly suited for home use.

All products are produced in Switzerland with the use of high-quality steels and the best woods were used.

About the Device as a wall mount:

- You should mount the device under your own wallbag.
- Easy wall installation with the supplied mounting set.
- Dimensions: 40 cm x 17 cm x 8 cm
- Weight: 7kg (15 lbs)
- The weight of 1 arm: 1.6 kg (3.5 lbs)

The spring is very dynamic but also creates good pressure on your arms:
To move the arm 5 cm (1.96 in) out of his normal position you need 5 Kg+ (11 lbs) of force.
To move the arm 8 cm (3.15 in) out of his normal position you need 10 Kg+ (22 lbs) of force.
"Best Technique Training, guaranteed".

One "Chi Sao Device " includes:

- 1 Chi Sao Wall Mount
- 2 Chi Sao Arms
- Mounting set: Screws, dowel etc.
- Installation Instructions


- Shipping to the USA/Canada from Switzerland is a flat $90 USD per device, which is included. You will also have to pay any customs/VAT taxes (usually not much if they even collect in the USA). Delivery is via DPD and take approx 2 weeks.
- If you are in the EU Shipping can be quite cheap - please email us for a quote to your country. However, this is often offset by the 20% VAT.