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SPRING-ARM DUMMY: BudoTec - Wing Chun Tec-Board - Small
Wing Chun Tec-Board - Chi Sao Spring Arm Dummy

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The Wing Chun Tec Board makes it possible for beginners to use the basic Wing Chun techniques, as well as allowing advanced practitioners to train and perfect more complex techniques and Chi Sao exercises. Learn More >>
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Description Notices / Warranty

BudoTec - Wing Chun Tec-Board - Small

Our product is produced in Switzerland with the use of high-quality technologies and materials. For instance, the punch cushions, which are fitted with nanotechnology-treated synthetic leather - with the lotus blossom effect. As such, the punch cushions can be very easily cleaned.

Furthermore, high-quality steels and the best beech wood were used.

Every device has three arm elements, which can together be adjusted to 2448 different positions. The various adjustment positions were determined on the basis of the human body's geometric data and the techniques of Wing Chun. As such, nearly every imaginable training situation can be simulated.

Every arm unit is fitted with springs which were specially produced for these devices and correspond to the impacting forces of an average adult student. The impact of these forces trains the muscles specific to Wing Chun in particular, your stance is strengthened and the principles of Wing Chun, i.e. the receiving and redirecting of the opposite force, are strongly promoted. This results in a very real training experience.

The Wing Chun Tec Board was constructed for the Dojo and, in particular, home use. The arms can be removed and put away. The Tec Board remains fastened to the wall. The training device can therefore be used in very small spaces.

Board measures : 95 cm x 40 cm x 6 cm (37.4 x 15.75 x 2.36 inches)
The weight of the small tec board only = 17.5 kg
The weight of 1 arm = 1.6 kg
The weight of 1 leg. = 4.3 kg

EU Customers/International Customers - N. American customers get have their tec-board shipped from the USA. EU and other International customers have their boards drop-shipped from Switzerland via DPD and it takes approx 2 weeks to deliver, plus time in customs. You are responsible for customs fees and taxes. The value of the dummy is reduced about 20% for customs, but they cannot drop it lower if it is to be insured. EU customers - check your local VAT rates, but in many countries there will be no VAT.