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(Download Only!) - Samuel Kwok - Mastering Wing Chun - Ip Man's Kung Fu Vol 2 - Chum Kiu
Samuel Kwok - Mastering Wing Chun - Ip Man's Kung Fu Vol 2 - Chum Kiu

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Samuel Kwok - Mastering Wing Chun - Ip Man's Kung Fu Vol 2 - Chum Kiu

Chum Kiu is the second form in the Wing Chun Kung Fu system. This form teaches the dynamic application of the techniques learned in Wing Chun’s first, form Siu Lim Tao.

While the first form teaches the correct structure of the attacks and defensive movements, it is in Chum Kiu that the student learns to “seek the bridge” and use both hands simultaneously, such as one hand defending while the other attacks. Chum Kiu teaches stepping and footwork, Wing Chun’s specialized kicking method and the generation of power through the correct method of using the entire body in stance turning (Yiu Ma).

In this DVD, Grandmaster Kwok also demonstrates and explains in detail the use of Wing Chun’s devastating short-range power.

Technical Review:
  • DVD Length: 35 min
  • Display: NTSC
  • Region: 0
  • Type: DVD-R
  • Language: English (No Subtitles)
  • Video Quality: High (Professional Production)
  • Audio Quality: High (Professional Production)

EWC's Content Overview:
  1. Full Chum Kiu Form (Front View)
  2. The Difference Between Chum Kiu and Sil Lim Tao
    • Using Two Hands at Once
    • Two Directional Force
    • The Chum Kiu Ma (Turning Stance)
  3. Explanation of the Double Jum Sao Technique
  4. Explanation of the Pyk Jern (Turning Elbow) Technique
  5. Explanation of the Double Fak Sao Technique
  6. Explanation of the Pak Sao Technique
  7. Explanation of the Jut Jeung (Palm Strike) Technique
  8. How to use your energy properly in Wing Chun
    • Generating Power Through the Yiu Ma
  9. The Dynamics of the Chum Kiu Ma (Turning Stance)
  10. Footwork #1
    • Wing Chun’s Advancing Step
  11. Explanation of the Bong Sao Technique
  12. Footwork #2
    • Wing Chun’s Quick Advancing Step
  13. Chum Kiu’s Kicking Techniques
  14. Explanation of the Double Huen and Jut Sao Technique
  15. Explanation of the Gum Sao Technique
  16. Conclusion
    • The Purpose of the Chum Kiu From

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