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SOLD! - MasterPath - Limited Edition Wing Chun Wooden Dummy #3- TEAK Wood (Mook Yan Jong)
Limited Edition - TEAK Wood - Wing Chun Wooden Dummy #3 (Mook Yan Jong)

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Everything Wing Chun - Limited Edition Wing Chun Wooden Dummy #3 - TEAK Wood Mook Yan Jong
(aka Muk Yan Jong, or Mook Yan Jong)

Everything Wing Chun is proud to bring you this one-of-a-kind unique Teak wood dummy. Teak is the traditional wood of Wing Chun Dummies and these "Mook Yan Jongs" are a special limited edition that will never be made again. You will be getting the exact dummy pictured here - so if you like what you see you should order it now - it might be gone tomorrow. This dummy is 100% solid Teak wood from reclaimed sources (much of the wood is over 100 years old! But don't let that fool you - It is very strong wood, age has not made it weak in any way. You will own a part of history as well as a great dummy.) The arms, leg, body, and slats are all made of teak wood.

This is a very Eco-Friendly way to own top-quality teak. This dummy is priced UNDER the actual cost of the Teak wood alone! There is no better deal on real TEAK dummies!

These dummies are made to Traditional Ip Man Wing Chun specifications. (see specs section below). No matter what your lineage, this dummy should be great for you to work on. Own the most traditional Wing Chun Dummy on the market!

The best feature of the Dummy is the leg. It is one solid piece of antique Teak Wood, and it runs from the trunk all the way to the ground. It is very strong: approximately 8 cm (3.25 in) in diameter at the top and 6 cm (2.25 in) in diameter at the bottom. Also the leg has a bit of room in the trunk to move around. This makes it great for practicing sweeping techniques. Some consider this leg to be best for perfecting your footwork.

EWC Notes on this particular dummy: This dummy has a trunk diameter of 24 cm (9.44 in) and a leg that will touch the ground if mounted for someone approx. <= 188 cm (6'2"). Legs are meant to be cut to your size. Please be sure to read the notes on the leg below.

It is important to note that you can use this dummy no matter what your height! These dummy legs were made to be cut to size, but the leg length only matters if you NEED the leg to touch the floor when mounted at your height (most people like the leg off the floor, so it would not apply). We assume you will want to cut it to your height and have a saw to do so. When it says a leg is made for someone <= 6'2" it means that if you are 6 feet and 2 inches tall (188cm) and you get in your stance facing the dummy that the dummy arms will be about collarbone height and the leg should just touch the floor - there is some variance here depending on how low you get in your stance. So if you are taller then the leg will be off of the floor some. If you are shorter or want the dummy leg off the ground then you can cut off the bottom of the leg to bring the dummy down to your height. As a rough estimate - from the floor to top of leg for someone 6'4" is 32 inches. So if you are 5'10" you would cut 6 inches off the bottom of the leg (so it is 26 inches), but you should go ahead and mount the dummy to your height and then cut the leg to your exact preference.)


This dummy is made from Teak Wood. Teak is one of the most expensive woods, and hard to obtain legally due to sanctions. Teak is naturally resinous, making it the least prone to cracking. This unique character of teak gives it an oily feel to the hand. It is a "traditional" and highly sought after wood for wing chun dummies. Teak ( Tectona) is a genus of tropical hardwood trees in the mint family, Lamiaceae. It is native to the south and southeast of Asia, and is commonly found as a component of monsoon forest vegetation. Certain species of teak trees are considered endangered.

For these wooden dummies only the best reclaimed old teak wood from Java, Indonesia was used. Java is one of the best places for this type of wood. By "reclaimed old teak wood" we mean that the trees were at least 60 years old when they were cut down and also that they were cut down many decades ago thus making this the best quality wood. None of the wood used comes from freshly cut trees. Much of the wood comes from very old teak houses, boats or furniture. This is better for the environment and also since the wood has been around for a long time It is very dry and therefore excellent for use in N. America/Europe.

We choose this wood because of its special qualities. It is very strong and can withstand extreme temperature and weather conditions. It is also rich in natural oils so it is naturally water resistant and resistant to wood boring insects. Old teak wood is especially good for playing Wing Chun because of its outer softness and inner strength like steel wrapped with cotton. In addition, the old teak wood is a beautiful dark red and or golden brown. When the golden brown color streaks through the wood it looks like sun rays in a sunset. Because of its natural beauty we choose only natural finishing products with no added color. For shipment the dummy is finished with linseed oil.

Average Weights*:

99-115 lbs (~45-52 kg); arms, legs and slats account for about 12 kg.

The weight varies based on density of the wood used and the diameter of the dummy: every tree is different. These weights are only a guide and not a guarantee.

Standard Measurements:

Trunk Diameter - see exact diameter at top of the page in the "EWC Notes", but all are 8.5" to 9.5" (21.5 to 24 cm) in diameter.
Trunk Height - approx. 5'1" to 5'2" (155 to 157.5 cm)
Arms Length - 12" (30.5 cm),
Arm Taper - 2 " tapering to 1 7/8" (6.5 cm to 4.8 cm)
Leg - see notes on the leg - cut so it is just touching the ground.

Distance from the top of the trunk to the upper arm - 13 " (35 cm)
Distance between upper arm and lower arm - 8 "(21.5 cm)
Distance between the lower arm and leg - 15" (38 cm)
Cross Slats - 3.7 cm x 6 cm x 180 cm (1.45 in x 2.36 in x 70.86 in)


If you need a stand, you must make your own or have one built for you.


The free shipping for this dummy is for the Continental USA/Canada ONLY. All other countries must choose a REDUCED shipping rate from the drop down menu. These international rates are heavily discounted for you. They are under 1/2 the normal price. If your country is not in the list then please contact us for a quote (most places are $500-$600 to ship to). All shipping is via UPS and takes approx 1 week to deliver, plus time in customs. You are responsible for customs fees and taxes.

Disclaimers and Warranty Info:

- This is the Actual Dummy you will receive. Sale of this dummy is final. It is not returnable or refundable.

- These limited edition dummies do not have extra arms or slats available for replacement. The arms, slats and legs have been tested and should not break with normal use.

- EWC Responsibility: With a purchase you agree that Everything Wing Chun (EWC) will not be held responsible for any issues that may arise with these dummies. You understand that EWC acts as a broker for the dummies and cannot exchange, warrant, of refund any portion of the dummy or money paid for the dummy. All of these issues are handled by the manufacturer. You agree not to hold Everything Wing Chun liable for any damages, or take any action against EWC, for any injury or loss resulting from the use or care of the dummy. Just like ALL equipment we sell, the manufacturer warrants the dummy, not us. This is not a DVD that can be easily replaced, it is an expensive and unique item. Any refund or replacement for a defect must be approved by and paid through the carpenter. This policy is the same as large retailers such as Amazon for their drop-shipped and 3rd party items. With a purchase you agree that any issues will handled through the carpenter and you will not pursue Everything Wing Chun for a refund or return in any way.

Wooden Dummy Care:

- Caring For Your Dummy: Do not put you dummy in a place that is to hot or to cold. Do not put your dummy next to a heater or air conditioner. Do not put your dummy in direct sun light or where it can get hit by rain or snow. Clean your dummy often and always wipe it down after practicing. If you want you, we also recommend using a clear polyurethane finish on the dummy instead of oil; but that is a personal preference. If you follow these simple rules and keep the humidity steady it will last many lifetimes and can be passed down to your children or students...

- Cleaning Instructions: Please use a dry cloth from jean material to wipe down your dummy after every time you practice and for general cleaning. Do not use water. Only use the dry cloth. You can apply pressure when rubbing the wood. This will keep the wood shinny.

- Re-Finishing Instruction: Approximately every 6 months you may re finish the wood if it look like it needs it. Please buy a high quality linseed oil or teak oil (natural color) and more jean material. If you wish you may take your dummy apart to achieve best results. Poor about a 1/2 cup of teak oil or linseed oil into a cup (1/2 cup to 1 cup is about all you will need to re finish your dummy). Dip the jean material into the oil (a little bit at a time) and rub it on to the wood. Spread a thin layer evenly over the wood and wpie off any excess. Then allow it to dry from a few hours to 24 hours. After that you may wipe and rub the wood using a new piece of dry jean material. You can apply pressure to bring out a shine.

- Important Note on Humidity: These solid body dummies should be kept in the normal humidity range, which is 50-60%. After extensive testing we see that most dummies hold up well at 45% humidity, but anything under that (esp 25-30% humidity) can cause the dummies to start to crack. Anything over 69% and you might develop mold in your house, so that should be avoided as well. This range is considered ideal for humans as well as dummies. If you are in an arid environment you should consider getting a humidifier. Please get a good hydrometer (they are cheap) to monitor the humidity in the area the dummy will be kept. Prevention of cracks is your responsibility. The dummies can be acclimatized to the arid environments, but it must be done over the course of 6 months to a year, so you would have to slowly drop the humidity in the room over that time until you got down to 30% or lower. Please keep in mind most dummies crack when people turn on an A/C or heater and the relative humidity in a room drops 20% or more in a day. These rapid humidity changes are to be avoided.