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VIDEO: Chu Shong Tin - 1998 Seminar: Chum Kiu
Chu Shong Tin - 1998 Seminar DVD: Chum Kiu

Over 3 hours of rare footage! Master Chu (Tsui Sheung Tin) covers the Chum Kiu form in detail. Master Chu is a master of Internal Wing Chun and with this form shows you how to toss opponents around with ease. Learn More >>
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Chu Shong Tin - 1998 Seminar DVD: Chum Kiu

Note: The description below is copied in part from the 3 DVD set of the 1998 Seminars (Sil Lum Tao, Chum Kiu, and Chi Sao). If you are interested in these DVDs we HIGHLY recommend you get the set.

Yip Man's 3rd Hong Kong Disciple, Chu Shong Tin, teaches you Chi Sao the same way Yip Man taught him for over 3 hours straight!

Dear Wing Chun Student,

I don't know if you have noticed but there is a real lack of quality instruction on the art of Wing Chun in video format. I'm not saying there are not some good DVDs out there, because they are, but most are just glossing over the surface of things you most likely already know. You may pick up a point or two, but for the most part they are just reference tools, not learning tools.

I couldn't watch it with out taking notes!

The first time I started to watch Chu Shong Tin's (Tsui Sheung Tin's) seminar, I knew what I was seeing was different. I stopped about 30 minutes into it, got up and closed my door, got a pen and paper, took the phone off the hook and started over. After the first hour I had over 10 pages of notes! I wasn't even 1/10th of the way done! I don't know about you, but I had never taken notes from a video before (with, perhaps, the exception of videos from my personal lineage), but with Master Chu I just couldn't help it! I knew I had to write it down so it would stay with me and I wouldn't forget.

Since I come from a different lineage I usually just watch videos with a passing interest to see how other people train, mainly just to be knowledgeable about the art in general. I never take notes on anything. Since Wing Chun is based mainly on theory, it can be interpreted and used many different ways. This can make it hard for you to learn from another lineage. What may be true for one lineage is not true for another. Take weight distribution for example. It ranges from 50-50 to almost 90-10. If the lineages that keep their weight balanced try to fight like the ones that keep their weight on the back leg all the time, it won't work right and vice versa. Most of what Master Chu teaches transcends lineages. No matter who teaches you Wing Chun, you can learn something from Master Chu!

I had never seen things explained the way Master Chu explained them. Things that I had heard before, but did not understand started making sense. I didn't even know I didn't understand them until he explained them. The way Wing Chun uses circles and triangles started clicking and I was soon able to diagram many techniques and positions in a new light! I can't begin to describe how much I actually learned from these DVDs! There is too much to list!

I wanted to list here some of the things you will learn on this DVD, but I honestly haven't had the time. This DVD is so packed with information it would take me a good 3 hours to just list out the highlights. You honestly cannot go wrong!

Master Chu lived with Yip Man for about 5 years when he first started training and was the first student of Yip Man's to teach privately. During the first five years, he got to the point of starting to learn the long pole. This means his foundations of Wing Chun were learned while living with Yip Man. One of the first sentences on the Chi Sao DVD is Master Chu saying he will show Chi Sao the way Yip Man taught him! No wonder these DVDs are some of the best material on Wing Chun today!

If you are interested in these DVDs we HIGHLY recommend you get the set.

Language: Cantonese with English Translator
Length: 178 Min
Format: NTSC
DVD Type: DVD-R / Quality is that of VCD, as this was the original format.
DVD Region: Region 0: Region Free

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Reviewer: George Hernandez
Date: February 15, 2011
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Technical Specifications:

Title: Chu Shong Tin - 1998 Wing Chun Seminar Part 2, Chum Kiu
Language: English
Region: All
Format: DVD-R
Number of Disk: 2
Length: approximately three hours (This presentation was converted from VHS for DVD access, the menu will refer to each section of the DVD, as Disk 1, 2,and 3, respectfully). Please note, there is only one disk and that the conversion process from one media type to another, presents the same quality as the original production.
DVD Length:
Part one - Chum Kiu, 0:59:21
Part two - Chum Kiu, 0:59: 46
Part three - Chum Kiu, 0:59:20

Video Quality: Average
Audio Quality: Poor, 2 out of 5

What It's About:

This DVD explores the basics of the Chum Kiu form through demonstration and discussion with seminar participants in Australia.


If you ever had questions about how to describe and demonstrate the principles of the Chum Kiu, this DVD will help you out. As in Master Chu's previous presentations, he again gives strong emphasis to Siu Num Tao, as the foundation of Chum Kiu, Wing Chun's second form. He shows elegantly, how the second form is used while coming in contact with a person and the principle of moving to the side, while controlling the center line.

The power and concept of the circle in his demonstration, becomes quite evident as the "body mass" rotates showing the effectiveness of the Chum Kiu form. The idea of the circle and understanding its purpose in the movement of Chum Kiu, is so crucial. Master Chu describes and demonstrates, how powerful the second form becomes in changing direction while defending and attacking at the same time. Master Chu demonstrates how technique from the second form, in just using one arm is capable of controlling the two arms of the other person while creating an opening exposing the person's head and chest region. He states that Chum Kiu provides the fundamentals in learning how to change your movement with the situation.

For those interested in kicking techniques, Master Chu provides ample demonstration of how the legs should be used. He tells his students, that one must learn how to use their body mass and project it into the striking leg - while rotating or pivoting within the structure of the form. It is obvious that in leg techniques, one must also use the "mind force" for kicks to be effective.

This DVD provides the viewer with excellent instruction in the second form, its applications using the hands and feet, was well as the essential principles that make it all work. You would be wise to add this edition to your collection of Master Chu's DVD Wing Chun series.

Content Overview, Chi Sao, 1998 Seminar, Disc 2

  • Introduction
    • The Purpose of the Second Form - chum Kiu
    • Chum Kiu, based on Siu Nim Tao
    • Rotation, the frist stage in learning Chum Kiu.
  • The Dynamics of Chum Kiu
    • The Two Way Force in the second form.
    • Pushing from the side.
      • Moving force to the side.
      • Emphasis on the rotation of the body-mass.
      • Rotation generates power without tension or using muscle.
      • Using the center of gravity.
      • Learning how to properly rotate before doing the application.
      • Applying force from two different directions-attaching with the same force.
      • Using the sloping elbow downward motion.
      • The method of sinking the elbow.
      • Chum Kiu has several types of rotation.
      • The axis of the body, brining the body mass to the contact point.
      • Moving the axis to the front of the body.
      • Using the "Mind Force" at the contact point to stop the persons power.
  • Chum Kiu Essentials.
    • The purpose of the side stepping movement.
    • Using the body mass to control the other person's sense of balance.
    • Disabling the person's centerline defense.
    • Maintaining the integrity of the circle is the key to success.
    • Learning how to change one's movement with the situation.
    • Stepping pattern is used to redirect the person's force.
    • Applying the body mass and projecting it into the legs.
    • The height of the knee determines the placement of the kick or point of impact.
    • The importance of concentrating the body mass at the contact point either by the hand or leg.
General Information