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(Download Only!) - Victor Gutierrez - Wing Tsun DVD 06 - Chi Sao 1
Victor Gutierrez - Wing Tsun DVD 06 - Chi Sao 1

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Victor Gutierrez - Wing Tsun DVD 06 - Chi Sao 1

Few styles of warfare have understood more accurately the importance of educating its practitioners in the referral system as Wing Tsun. Leung Ting maintains that since we are not gorillas or bulls, we must find ways in which defense by pure force is not important. Training your limbs to operate out of sensitivity is a key to flowing around your opponent’s force and striking him down.

After Lat-Sao, Chi Sao or "sticky hands" is the second step for learning the combat techniques. At a short distance you are trained so that your arms become sensitive to taking advantage of your opponent's errors, thus creating openings which allow you to trap and enter with strikes.

Victor Gutierrez has recorded two great videos in which he explains how to apply the fundamental basics of this magnificent exercise, by means of practical applications, real combat and explanations of the "operative" basis of Chi Sao. Making good the saying "theory is in practice," Sifu Gutierrez enters deep into an issue that arouses passions among the genuine practitioners of Wing Tsun. Video 1 of 2.

Format: DVD-R NTSC
Languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian
Length: 54 min.
Other info: All region DVD