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Everything Wing Chun - Ultimate Wall Bag - Double Sided: Canvas / Canvas
Everything Wing Chun - Ultimate Wall Bag 01 - Standard v12 - Canvas

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High quality, double sided, D-rings, and more! Grab one of our Ultimate Wall Bags today! The striking surface of this bag is heavy-duty canvas. Learn More >>
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Everything Wing Chun - Ultimate Wall Bag 01 - Standard v12 (2016) - Double Sided: Canvas / Canvas

This is the twelfth version of our original ultimate wall bag! In this 2016 version we upgraded zipper and stitching again, to make this bag even better.

Our Ultimate Wall Bags are the best selling items on our site - ever. They are, by far, the most popular wall bags in the world today. Everything Wing Chun customers have been putting these bags through hell for over 6 years and they are still very impressed!

Guarantee 1:
Without doubt these are the best wall bags on the market - we guarantee it! If you disagree, simply return the bag within 60 days and we will refund you the full value of the bag, no questions asked.

Guarantee 2: If (within two years) the bag rips or breaks under normal training conditions we will replace it for free.

If you want a great looking wall bag that will last you or your school for a LONG time, then your search is over. Grab some of these today! These are the features of this particular bag:

Wall Bag Features
(see descriptions below for more details):

Description: This Bag: Typical/Standard Bags:
Version of bag v12 ---
Number of sections One One
Main striking surface 24 oz Canvas ~14 oz Canvas
Heavy duty construction Yes No
High quality zippers Yes No
Zipper at top of compartment Yes No
Protective zipper flap N/A N/A
Extra-wide mouth Yes No
Reinforced seams Yes No - Sometimes
Double layered striking surface Yes No
Double sided Yes No
Extra striking surface on rear Yes No
One piece bottom Yes No
Traditional "Wing Chun" text Yes - Red, Western style No - Sometimes

Heavy duty grommets

N/A - Uses D-Rings No
Heavy duty D-rings Yes (2) No
Short straps Yes No - Sometimes
Weight distribution bar N/A N/A

Bag Dimensions:
  • Height = approx 31 cm (12.5 inches). D-Rings add 3.5 cm (1.5 inches).
  • Width = approx 31 cm (12.5 inches). Width between tops of D-Rings is 28 cm (11 inches).
  • Measurements were taken on an unfilled bag.

Description of Features:
  • Version of bag: This is the version of this bag. We are constantly refining the bag, so the higher the version number the newer the bag. Just because a version is higher does not mean the bag is always better. Sometimes we carry 2 popular versions at once.
  • Number of sections: How many striking compartments the bag has.
  • Main striking surface: This refers to the material you will be hitting.
    • Canvas - Typical thin canvas. This material is good and lasts a few months under heavy use. Dit-da-Jow and sweat eat through the canvas over time.
    • Heavy duty canvas - This is a thick heavy canvas. It does not wear out easily and is great for schools. It also conditions skin more than the typical canvas.
    • Synthetic leather - The striking surface on this bag is layered with a synthetic leather. This has a few advantages over the traditional canvas. First, if your hand slides on the bag there is less of a chance that the skin on your knuckles is scrapped off (which means you can train longer). Second, the surface is much more sanitary - blood, sweat, and germs can be sprayed with disinfectant and wiped off with ease (especially good for school environments). Lastly, the leather-like surface feels nicer to strike. If you kick the bags then canvas or synthetic leather is best.
    • Genuine leather - The striking surface on this bag is layered with genuine leather. Each piece of leather was hand selected and cut by before passing it off to the factory. Not every piece of leather is good for wall bags, we could only use the straightest and smoothest parts. This is very time consuming and expensive to do! We are proud to offer you these bags! Leather has a few advantages over the traditional canvas. First, if your hand slides on the bag there is less of a chance that the skin on your knuckles is scrapped off (which means you can train longer). Second, the surface is much more sanitary - blood, sweat, and germs can be sprayed with disinfectant and wiped off with ease. Lastly, the real leather surface feels much nicer to strike! If you kick the bags then canvas is best.
  • Heavy duty construction: This refers to the main construction of the bag. Our canvas is over twice as thick as the typical wall bag. This helps ensure that the bags have an extra-long life and hold up well under all conditions. This is especially important for schools. Thicker canvas, thicker thread, double stitching, reinforced seams, and quality components make this a "heavy duty" bag that will last a lifetime.
  • High quality zipper: This bag has a high quality zipper to ensure that it does not break, rip or leak sand out of the bag. No other bag on the market uses quality zippers. Most vendors use very cheap zippers that break or pull apart.
  • Zipper at the top of compartment: The zipper at the top of the bag means that there is no chance of the bag leaking sand after it is hung and that the zipper cannot be damaged in training as it could be if it was on the back of the bag. You will never have to duct tape this bag closed! For 1 section bags the zipper is at the top seam. For 2 and 3 section bags the zipper is at the top rear. This allows you to fill the compartment fully, and it also keeps the zipper off the wall so it is not damaged. Believe it or not, most wall bags put the zipper in the dead center of the back of the bag - the worst possible place.
    • [A note on Iron Palm use: Because the zipper is at the top of the bag, if you remove the bag from the wall and lay it flat for Iron Palm training the zipper could start to open a bit. To prevent this all you have to do is tie a piece of string from the eyelet in the zipper to the nearest grommet or D-Ring. This will prevent the zipper from opening during Iron Palm training... Of course our Iron Palm bags are the best option for Iron Palm training...]
  • Protective zipper flap: If the zipper is on the back side of a bag (as it is with the 2 and 3 section bags) then it should have a protective flap to make sure the zipper is not damaged against the wall. This protects your wall and the zipper.
  • Extra wide mouth: This refers to how wide the opening is for filling the bag up. The wider the better, but be careful - if the opening is too wide, sealed with a poor quality zipper, or placed in the wrong area then the large opening can weaken the structure of the bag.
  • Reinforced seams: The seams on each side of the bag are reinforced on the inside with a nylon covering and double stitching. This guarantees that the bag will not bust or leak - and we've tried to break it! We even overfilled the bag and slammed it repeatedly on the ground as hard as we could, and the seams and zipper held perfectly! the thickness of the thread used is also a critical component here. Most vendors use thin thread, even when they reinforce the seams. We use the best.
  • Double layered striking surface: An original concept - the striking area of this bag is double layered to make sure the bag lasts you an extra long time! Even after 6 years of jow-soaked hands hitting these daily, we haven't had to replace a single bag (okay, actually we had to replace one)... They just don't wear through! Most other bags use thin canvas and 1 layer - this results in bags breaking only after a few months of use.
  • Double sided: An original concept - this bag can be used on both sides. If one side ever wore through (highly unlikely) or was damaged you could simply flip the bag over and use the other side. This is also great for people that want leather and canvas - one bag has both. We make the only double sided bag on the market. As mentioned above, the back side has the traditional canvas unless otherwise noted. Some of our bags have the extra striking surface on the rear as well as the front, but even if not, it is still useable on the reverse.
  • Extra striking surface on rear: This means an extra layer of material is on the reverse side of the bag as well as the front. Typically this is canvas. This feature makes the bag so tough we don't think you can ever wear it out. Again, this is great for people that want leather and canvas - one bag has both.
  • One piece bottom: The bottom of the bag is one piece, so that there is never a chance of a seem breaking and sand spilling out into your practice area. This is only a one-section bag feature.
  • Traditional "Wing Chun" text - On the front on the bag the Chinese text reads "Wing Chun" . Western style reads from left to right. Chinese style reads right to left. We use Red for the "Ultimate" line and white for the "Economy" line.
  • Heavy duty Grommets - This refers to the quality of the grommets themselves. Grommets are the metal rings inside of the canvas that you hang some bags by. These are the best grommets we could find and the canvas has been re-enforced around them to ensure that the bag does not tear off the wall or rip and leak.
  • Heavy duty D-rings: The D-rings ensure that the bag does not tear off the wall no matter what you fill it with. We choose to use D-rings instead of grommets because they allow the bag to lay flat against the wall and can never tear the bag like grommets can. There are varying qualities of D-Ring. We only use the best. Typically, if another vendor uses D-Rings they are thin and cheap. The number in () refers to how many D-rings are used. If 2 D-rings are used on a heavier bag without a weight distribution bar, then the bag can sag in the middle putting stress on the D-Rings, straps, and canvas - plus a saggy bag does not look as nice. A 2 or 3-section wall-bag should have 3 D-Rings or 2 D-rings and a weight distribution bar. Our newer model bags have these features.
  • Short straps: This refers to the strap that holds the D-Ring. Longer straps can allow the bag to hang a little more flat, but look bad. We have used both long and short straps and much prefer the function and look of the shorter ones.
  • Weight distribution bar: This is a new invention, and another first. There is a metal bar at the top of the bag (hidden in the canvas) that runs between the D-Rings. This bar allows the bag's weight to be evenly distributed. This prevents bags from sagging in the middle (which looks bad and puts stress on the bag). All 2 or 3-section bags should have either 3 D-Rings or a weight distribution bar.

Recommended Fillings:

This bag is shipped empty to reduce shipping costs. We are commonly asked what to fill the bags with, so here are some current recommendations from the Wing Chun community at large. Please check with your teacher for his or her recommendation on filling your bag for your particular training.

- Plastic beads (as used in BB guns) or glue pellets.
- Tossed sand grains (like those used in aquarium tanks)
- Beans (soy, mung, or etc)
- Rice
- Sand (typically washed pool filter sand)
- Pebbles (for intermediate iron palm)
- BBs or Ball Bearings (iron or steel - for advanced iron palm)

The first two are recommended as fillings because they help maintain a long life for the bag. Traditionally bags are filled with beans (soy or mung), rice and/or sand. If you live in a humid region you must make sure any organic material does not get moldy, so plastic beads are your best bet. Sand is the most common filling and tossed sand (or washed sand) is the best if it is available in your area.