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WOODEN DUMMY STAND: Buick Yip - Floor Stand (Made on Demand)
Buick Yip - Wooden Dummy Floor Stand

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This unique stand was made for people who cannot bolt a stand to a wall. The vertical beams were tested extensively to produce the correct amount of spring required for traditional training. Learn More >>
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Buick Yip - Wooden Dummy Floor Stand

Shipping: This stand is drop-shipped by Buick Yip from Hong Kong. Delivery is via DHL or FedEx and takes about 2 weeks from time of order to arrive.

Everything Wing Chun has been asking Buick Yip to make a floor stand for his dummies for about 5 years now, and are happy to announce that Buick has finally designed and produced one!

One of the reasons it took so long to make this stand was that Buick felt that any stand strong enough to hold his dummies and give the correct spring to the dummy was too heavy to ship at an economical price. This stand is the best of both worlds in that is it only about 30-45 lbs (depending on the wood used) - so light enough to ship - but due to the custom metal brackets it is also strong enough to withstand the vertical and horizontal forces applied during your dummy training.

The vertical beams have also been carved to allow the stand to give the proper amount of "spring energy" to the dummy - something typically only found on wall mounted dummies.

This unique stand was made for people who cannot bolt a stand to a wall.

The holes in the vertical beams allow for height adjustments up to 6 feet - or more specifically the height of bottom of arm hole would be 137cm (53.9 inches) from ground. For taller people, the stand might need to be raised up off the floor with wooden boards. A simple solution would be to screw the base into 2x2's or 4x4's for extra height.

The stand comes with 2 vertical beams, the 2 "feet" or base boards, 4 L brackets, 1 horizontal support beam, slat holders and the bolts. (You will need to use the mounting slats that come with your Buick Yip dummy or provide your own). You will need tools to secure the bolts. A metric ratchet is set recommended. Instructions are not included. You will have to assemble the stand based on these pictures.

Buick recommends that you weigh down the legs if you are strong because the Tok Sao's or Double Palms might rock the stand.

This stand is made for Buick Yip Jongs only, but could be used by other dummies that have their mounting slats approx. 32 inches apart.

In metric, the stand is 1.34m wide X 1.52m high X 1.00m deep.