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(Download Only!) - WVTAA - Chi Sao Lecture by Sifu Steve Goericke 2001
WVTAA - Chi Sao Lecture by Sifu Steve Goericke 2001

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(Download Only!) - WVTAA - Chi Sao Lecture by Sifu Steve Goericke 2001

Sifu Steve Goericke Chi Sao lecture to a student of Sifu Jordan in Hong Kong 2001. This was a personal one on one lecture.

630x480, 1 hour 53 mins

The WVTAA is proud to release this Chi Sao lecture conducted by Sifu Steve Goericke in Hong Kong during his visit there in 2001.

Sifu Steve Goericke offers some interesting ideas and concepts on his brand of Chi Sao. Sifu Steve is the Sihing to Sifu Darrell Jordan and was the most influential older brother to Sifu Darrell’s Ving Tsun development.

Sifu Georicke began his Ving Tsun training in 1974 under Master Lee Moy Shan and has taught Ving Tsun for over 30 years. Growing up on the mean streets of Brooklyn, Sifu Goericke knows the value of a solid Ving Stun Foundation.

“I am proud to present a remarkable Ving Tsun Sifu, my older brother, SiHing Steve Goericke. Enjoy” Sifu Darrell Jordan.

EWC Notes: The “lecture” is from a VHS tape that lasts 23 mins and cuts off. There is some foul language used at one point if that offends you, then pass. The next hour or so is a chi sao tournament - looks like personal footage. The last 30 mins is Sifu Jordan talking and explaining some points.