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(Download Only!) - WVTAA Home Study - Chi Sao DVD
WVTAA Home Study - Chi Sao DVD

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WVTAA Home Study - Chi Sao DVD

Sifu Darrell Jordan performs Chi Sao with nine students, ranging in experience level from six months up through a second degree black belt instructor - Sifu Joe Garcia.

Sifu Darrell Jordan is one of the highest-ranking masters of the Moy Yat family of Ving Tsun in the US today. Whether you are a current student of Ving Tsun or a beginner starting out on the path, this DVD will become a fundamental asset to achieving proficiency within Chi Sao, and ultimately this DVD will greatly add to your continued enjoyment within the living art of Ving Tsun Kung Fu.

DVD Contents:

Chi Sao (Floor)
Elevated Chi Sao
Chi Sao Lecture

EWC Review:

Never intended for release, this DVD shows Darrell Jordan working Chi Sao with 9 of his students. The DVD was intended to be a training aid for these students, and no more. The DVD is 100 minutes long. The radio plays in the background and a class is going on. You mainly see Chi Sao and Chi Sao on a platform. I believe Darrell Jordan had a broken finger during the filming of this. If you are like me you might fast-forward though parts when you get tired of seeing students make the same mistakes, but it's still very interesting and entertaining. If you pay attention you can actually learn a lot.

There is no commentary during the DVD, but at the end he does speak for 22 mins from the heart about Chi Sao topics, such as shifting, holding the centerline, running, proper positions for the hands, knees, head and hips, relaxation, proper energy, conforming to their shape to control them and much more.

Language: English
Length: 100 mins
Format: NTSC
DVD Region: Region 0: Region Free