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(Download Only!) - Wayne Belonoha - Ip Man Wing Chun System 05 - Steps 49-60 (Blu-Ray)
Wayne Belonoha - Ip Man Wing Chun System 05 - Steps 49-60 (Blu-Ray)

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Wayne Belonoha - Ip Man Wing Chun System 05 - Steps 49-60 (Blu-Ray)

This series covers the entire Ip Man/Moy Yat/Sunny Tang system of Ving Tsun in 108 steps. Three years in the making, each Blu-Ray disk takes you through 12 steps of the system, just as they are taught by Sifu Wayne in his schools.

There is no duplicate footage in the Blu-Ray disc set - every explanation, demonstration, and detail is new. Changes in the way a subject is explained or new demonstration will surely help with your understanding. Each step is made up of 5 sections:

1 Teach / Demonstrate / Learn
2 Common Mistakes
3 Applications (street or chi sau)
4 Drills / Follow Along / Demonstration
5 Homework / Additional Reading

For a full description of the series, please read the blog article on the release here: http://www.shopwingchun.com/new-wayne-belonohas-9-volume-ving-tsun-dvd-series It contains a lot more information than can be listed here.

This Disk:
Teacher: Sifu Wayne Belonoha
Lineage: Ip Man -> Moy Yat -> Sunny Tang -> Wayne Belonoha -> You
System: Ving Tsun System
Course: Complete 108 Step Moy Yat / Sunny Tang Ving Tsun System
Steps: 49-60 of 108
Resolution: HD 1080p
Running Time: 1 hour 9 mins

Step topics:
49 Sticking Legs Drill, Level 2
50 Sticking Legs Drill, Level 3
51 Sticking Legs Drill, Level 4
52 Sticking Legs Drill, Level 5
53 Sticking Legs Drill, Level 6
54 Cham Kiu Form, Part 3
55 Double Sticking Hands, Level 14
56 Heavy Energy Chi Sau
57 Double Sticking Hands, Level 16
58 Explosive Energy Punching
59 Sticking Hands on One Leg
60 Fight Simulator, Level 4

Series Description:

For information on the series and also how it should be combined with Sifu Belohona's Wing Chun University Course, please read the blog article from the link below: