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(Download Only!) - William Cheung - Cheung's Tactical Defense
William Cheung - Cheung's Tactical Defense

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William Cheung - Cheung's Tactical Defense

Cheung's Tactical Defense, developed by Grandmaster William Cheung, is an effective defense program for all situations.

This video includes demonstrations of the Butterfly Rod and Cheung's Belt Defense as well as Empty Hand defense vs weapons (such as a baseball bat).

The techniques are:
- Easy to Learn
- Simple and Effective
- Legal
- Surprising dynamic and powerful
- Suitable for males and females of all ages
- Using pressure point striking techniques
- Enhancing vision using eye exercises
- Promoting Heath and Fitness

Although conventional warfare as such no longer exists in this day of modern weapons of mass destruction, war (whether urban or international in scale) is still waged by people. So the proper training of personnel is the key to successful military operations or law enforcement. This is where martial arts still holds the key to success in today's environment of high-technology warfare.

Traditional Wing Chun Grandmaster William Cheung first realised this during his work with the US Marines and the Navy Seal Team of the US 7th Fleet based in Japan from 1978 to 1980. It was during this time that Cheung began to develop concepts for his CDT (Cheung's Defensive Tactics) Program.

CDT is an integrated system incorporating existing techniques and procedures directed towards the safety of those employed in law enforcement. The ultimate objective of the program is to furnish the agent (operative) with the necessary 'tools' which he can use in life-threatening situations.

Grandmaster Cheung's Wing Chun system contains the fighting principles and strategies which have been the successful components of those time-tested warriors previously mentioned. The four components to winning - the heart, the eyes, balance and skills and combative tactics - are utilised by Grandmaster Cheung for use in modern day combat.

Resolution: 640 x 480
Running time: 42 minutes