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MasterPath - Wooden Dummy Arms (Set of 3) - ASH (Dual Parallel/Traditional Setting) (Made on Demand)
Wooden Dummy Arms (Set of 3) - ASH(Dual Parallel/Traditional Setting) (Ready to Ship)

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Availability: Made on Demand. Average ~2-4 weeks

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Wooden Dummy Arms (Set of 3) - ASH (Dual Parallel/Traditional Setting)
(aka Muk Yan Jong, or Mook Yan Jong ARMS)

These jong arms are made to the specifications of the Ip Man lineage. They are hand made in the USA.

The arms are made from the hardwood ASH. They go through our lamination process to ensure that they have “Maximum Strength”. They’re incredibly strong and are able to withstand a beating. The wood is not stained or varnished, so you can stain them to match the color of your dummy.

The top two arms are made with the tendon offset from the arm so that you can insert them one way to get the tips parallel and insert them another way the tips will be in the traditional setting (1-2" apart in height). This assumes, of course, your arm holes in the dummy are spaced correctly. (If not, you can still switch the arms around, but the distances might not be perfectly parallel or traditional). This allows you a little variety in your training. The 3rd arm has the tendon set in the middle of the arm shaft.

3 pins are included for the arms.
The holes for the pins are NOT drilled - you will need to do this. The holes are based on the diameter of your dummy, so we can not pre-drill them for you.

Arm: 12 inches
Tendon: 11 inches long by 1.5 x 1.875 inches
Diameter large end of arm: 2.5 inches
Diameter small end of arm: 1.5 inches. The tips are rounded at the end.
Weight: is about 2 lbs per arm.
Please allow 1/16th inch tolerance on all measurements.

If you want custom measurements, we can do that to a certain degree. We can change the length of the arm or tendon up to a max of 26" combined length (For example 14" arm and 12" tendon). Custom tendons sizes are also available, but please allow 1/16th inch tolerance for all measurements. We will offset the tendon the normal distance for all tendon sizes. Please put your desired measurements in the order comments on the checkout page. If there are any issues with them we will contact you. Starting Aug 2016, there is a $15 charge for custom length orders. If you need a custom tendon size, that can be done free of charge.

Order and Shipping:
These arms are made on demand, and drop-ship from our carpenter in approx 2-4 weeks (can be it depends on work load and the current queue).