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Warrior's Wooden Dummy - with RECOIL Stand (Made on Demand)
Wooden Dummy - with RECOIL Stand

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Availability: Made on Demand. Drop Shipped (~7-8 Weeks)
Product Code: MYJ-WMA-RECOIL01-WC

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Wooden Dummy - with RECOIL Stand

This dummy comes plain WITHOUT the snake and crane engraving with bamboo and plum flowers pictured. You have to add-on the engravings that you want.

From the manufacturer:

The recoil reaction dummy stand is one of our newest and most exciting training tools we have to offer. This patent pending design takes your wooden dummy training to the next level by applying tension and recoil to your dummy. This stand "retro-fits all wooden dummies." little assembly is required and easily mounts to your wall or wooden post. This is also a great space saving stand. Out of all of our jong stands this one takes up the least amount of room. [EWC Notes: The stand is good for someone 5'8" to 5'10". To raise it higher you will need to add some wood under the bottom before screwing it into the wall. The stand must be sitting on something (the floor, a box, wood boards, etc) as well as being screwed to the wall in order for the recoil to work. For a small fee the carpenter will make you a box. Please let us know how high off the ground you need the arms to be.]

The way the recoil stand works: two tension bands mounted to the lower sides of your dummy, crossed over in the back and mounted to the opposite side of the stand. This is what creates the tension needed to keep the dummy facing forward. The dummy which sits on a swivel base can pivot 90 degrees to the right and left, and always under tension. When released or you change position the dummy then will recoil back to center position. It always wants to return to the center. The base can be locked with two metal pins, if you choose to do the traditional forms which require it not to rotate. When you want to freestyle just pull the pins and watch your dummy come alive. As with all of our stands you have height adjustment of 3 inches for multiple users. The height adjustment is only available for use with a warrior dummy.

The two main principles that this stand offers you is recoil and reaction. The recoil in that it will always recoil back to the center position after released. This means the deflection of the arms when blocked provide energy back toward you as in defending an actual strike. The reaction principle simply develops faster reflexes due to the fact that "this sucker hits you back." this is an excellent tool for the serious practitioner, who is looking to take their skills to the next level.

Recoil stands are made for Indoor use only. Outdoor weather/dirt/etc can erode the wood, rubber, and etc which will diminish the effectiveness and looks over time.

This dummy has slat holes for mounting on a frame stand (like a wall stand) as well as a hollow in the bottom so it can be used on a free-standing portable stand. This way you can always buy a different Warrior stand in the future (if you desire) without having to buy a new dummy.

For the best explanation of this dummy, please watch the YouTube video below.

General Specs:
HEIGHT : 60" (The stand is 70")
DIAMETER : 9" (The stand is 8")
WEIGHT : 80 lbs. (The stand is ~30 lbs)
- Space Between upper arms and mid arm = 8.5" .
- Space Between mid arm and leg = 11" .
- Space between the tips of two upper arms = 9"
- Slat Holes made to accommodate slats that are 2 1/8" tall by 1 1/4" wide.
- Space Between Slat holes for Mounting to Frame Stands = 42" for Wing Chun and 32" for JKD Dummies.

* Warrior offers a lifetime warranty on the dummy trunks.
* All dummies are constructed of our patented 9 board laminating process.
* All of our dummies interchangeable with all of our Warrior dummy stands.

This dummy takes 4-6 weeks to construct and drop-ships from the carpenter. Please email for shipping quotes Worldwide.

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