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Aaron Cantrell paying respects at Ip Man's grave. Everything Wing Chun ® grew organically out of the Wing Chun Archive site as a way to provide you with the best selection of quality Wing Chun products and as a means to fund multiple on-line projects for the betterment of the art of Wing Chun kung-fu...

Mr. Cantrell started training Wing Chun in 1999 and for 2 years collected all the information that he could on the art, amassing somewhere between 300-400 books and videos on the subject (this was pretty much everything ever made up to that point). The Wing Chun Archive (WCA) was founded in September of 2001 as a personal listing of these books and videos for other collectors to compare by. Due to the high number of emails from collectors looking for the rare items mentioned, he started the Wing Chun Archive store to fund the growth of that site. This allowed for the expansion of the site to include the now famous listing of sifus and schools.

Over the next few years he kept adding more and more products to the selection until in May of 2006 Everything Wing Chun (EWC) was created to take the place of the store on the WCA site. When it opened it was already the largest Wing Chun store in the world, with over 250 unique products and growing. The goal was to have a web store focused only on Wing Chun and offering as many quality products as possible related to the art. It was a Wing Chun first.

Today we are constantly trying to make this store better for our customers and trying gather all the good Wing Chun (Ving Tsun, Wing Tsun, etc) products that we can under one roof for you (As of the writing of this, the Everything Wing Chun site currently lists over 1000 separate Wing Chun products from 60+ different teachers/authors). While we are not technically a non-profit organization, all the proceeds from sales on this site are used to promote and develop Wing Chun online. Our latest sites (eWingChun.com and WingChunUniversity.com) will bring you an incredible resource site as well as a truly unique Wing Chun Online University.

I sincerely hope you enjoy all our sites and come back often. We will always do our best to serve you and we are always open to suggestions. Please email me if you need anything.

Train Hard,
Aaron Cantrell

Aaron Cantrell

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Hours: Our support operates on Pacific Time (UCT -8). Our warehouse on Eastern Time (UCT -5). We do follow Daylight Savings/Summer Time, so this changes by 1 hour if you do not. Majority of support is handled 8am-2pm PT. (11am-5pm ET). (3pm-10pm GMT), but is not limited to those times.

Email is the absolute best way to contact us. You can email us at .

Your email will usually be answered within a few hours during business days/times, but officially we will respond within 1-2 business days.

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For any technical support with the Everything Wing Chun Instant Access application or problems with downloaded purchases only, please email tech support directly for the fastest response:
email: support@platformpurple.com Please note that Platform Purple only supports the download application and videos on our digital store (not this one), they do not have anything to do with this normal Everything Wing Chun site. If you need the applications to play a video, please scroll down to the bottom of this page.

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We would love to take your money order for a purchase - that is no problem. Email us for the address to mail the money order too. All money orders must be pre-approved so we can hold the products for you. DO NOT send a check or money order without contacting us first. DO NOT send money orders or checks to our shipping warehouse in Ohio.

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About our support:
As a small company our customer service has always been complimented as superb, and we'd like to keep it that way. Also, we are almost always on the road or overseas - therefore, we prefer you email us directly for any questions. It is usually the quickest way to get a reply.

All of the shipping is done from the USA, so rest assured you will get your order quickly and safely!

Phone support is currently by call-back service only. When you call us please leave a message along with the best times to reach you (include your time zone!) and Mr. Cantrell will personally return your call. It is no hassle, so please feel free to have us call you back. We have very few phone calls in general, and do not sit by the phone all day. Plus, Mr. Cantrell likes to answer all your questions personally. So, If you cannot email us, then just call and leave a message here and he will absolutely return your call when he is able. The US number to leave a message is 505-908-9575. If you call and do not leave a message (and we just missed you because we were helping someone else), we may just call you back anyway!

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