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Robert Chu

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Robert teaches at his school in Los Angeles, where he is the chief instructor of the Dragon Gate Martial Arts Academy, and is head of the International Chu Sau Lei Wing Chun Kuen Association, which has branch schools throughout the USA, Europe and South East Asia. Dr. Chu is also proficient in the Tai Chi, Xing Yi, Ba Gua and Shaolin systems of martial arts.

He is the co-author of Complete Wing Chun, (Charles E. Tuttle Co., Inc, 1998) and has been featured in Kung Fu Masters (Unique Publications, 2002), Black Belt Magazine, Inside Kung Fu, Martial Arts Legends, Inside Martial Arts, Martial Arts Combat Sports and other publications, in addition to his regular monthly column, 'Noble Warrior' which appears on the internet magazine WingChunKuen. He teaches privately in the Los Angeles, California area.

Robert Chu, L.Ac., QME, AHG, PhD