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Wooden Dummies Wallbags
The Mook Yan Jong (Wooden Dummy) is the classical Wing Chun training device. Used in place of a training partner to develop precision, form and greater power, a dummy is a must for any serious practitioner of Wing Chun.
Here you'll find the highest quality wallbags for Wing Chun and Iron Palm training. These wallbags are invaluable training tools. Every serious student has a few at home.
Butterfly Swords Longpoles
The swords represent the highest level of learning in Wing Chun Kung Fu. As you master the form and applications, these training swords will help you reach your goals of becoming the best.
Quality poles are always in high demand and are very hard to come by. From the original long pole wood - Quan Din, favored by Sifus - to affordable oak for beginners, we have you covered.
Dit Da Jow Training Rings
Dit Da Jows have many uses, but most are used for healing. Good Jows help promote your own body's healing methods, and are great for bruises, sprains, pulled tendons or muscles, bone bruises, and other uses. They are also perfect for toughening the striking surfaces of the body, hardening bones and Iron Palm training.
Here you will find a growing selection of rattan rings and iron rings for your ring training. Be sure to pick up a few books and videos on the subject as well!
Iron Palm Footwork / Stance Training
Iron Palm training is taught in many lineages of Wing Chun. It is where you start to blend the internal and external forces into practical applications. These products will help you condition your hands to withstand damage and develop your devastating internal power.
Here you will find devices, mats, and jongs to helps you improve your footwork, stance, and structure.